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BSD subsystem


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So I started my instal, and everything looked pretty awesome, until the instal stopped @ 10 minutes remaining, while installing the BSD subsystem..




intel P4 2' 8 Ghz (sse2)

gigabyte 865pe

120 gh hdd (with a 23 gb partition for Macosx)

nvidea 6600gt 128 mb//


That's about it >_>

Any one any idea what could possible cause this?

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it simply hang, no errors, nothing.


but I simply pushed that awesome big button and the computer rebooted, tried again, picked some other ' patches' / wahtever you call those things you can pick @ the custumize part.. and now I'm one the guys here with a nice new os :D




lawl, now I just need to go and fix my sound and other {censored} I havent noticed it's not working :D


thanks though.

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