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That does not seem graphic error but try booting with internal gfx card


Can you list kext you are using and chameleon config that you used for booting system?

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Difficult installation. If you have a MacBook, then it better installation and configuration through an external container. Use SMBIOS only MACPRO(6.1)

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    • By hirion
      A few days ago I installed Yosemite to a T3500 Dell Precision with Clover - it works inpeccably (I found the guide on OSX Latitude).
      But there is a T5500 Dell which I have serious problems with. The problem is that the Clover Yosemite installer doesn't recognize my HDD (BIOS raid auto AHCI mode enable).
      It recognizes Intel ICH10 AHCI Version 1.20 supported, but the device is "unknown".
      Can anybody help me with that?
      ps: Until now I have installed OSX with Chameleon method and I don't really know Clover.