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Acer 5920g problems installing myhack Mountain Lion

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i have been trying to install Mountain lion on my spare Acer 5920g laptop to have a play with mac osx.


I have been unable to get past the "PCI Configuration End " message screen.


i have copied both the AppleACPIPlatform kext v1.3.2 and  IOPCIFamimly kext from a snow leopard install on a Gigabyte G31M ES2L to the extra/extensions folder in the USB MyHack installer and then ran the MyFix option targeting the USB installer. 

Same " PCI configuration end "message.


I also tried running the Myhack MyFix option targeting the actual install and then cloned the drive to a laptop drive and then attempted to boot the acer with the new drive but again same message.


I managed to install snow leopard on the laptop but was unimpressed with the speed in comparison with windows 7.

Is windows 7 better than Snow Leopard?

Computer specs:


Acer 5920g

4 Gb ram


Nvidia 128mb 8400 GS

160 GB Hard Drive


I am a complete newbie on mac osx so any advice most appreciated.


Is it possible to install mavericks/yosemite on this laptop ? 




Not much hair Left.

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