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Installed Mavericks 10.9.2 on asus N750jv dual boot with win 8.1

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Hi everyone!


After about 10 days of trial and error, i successfully created dual boot with mac and win 8 on laptop asus N750jv, all on one HDD, all UEFI mode!


1. Basically everything functions (after trying a lot of different kexts), except for WIFI and BlueTooth. Can someone help with that? I tried probably all kexts and patches that i found on forums (not to mention, i was banned from t***macx86 forum, on account of alleged "piracy(!)", just because i mentioned N*resh! (and that's absolutely beyond me…)


Well, anyway WIFI is most important, if anyone can lend a hand here!


2. Other things i tried, was making a Yosemite boot with usb stick, which i made with disk maker x, and because i already have EFI configured, it boots from Clover in UEFI mode, but install always gets stuck spmewhere before half way with apple logo in the middle and a spinning beach ball...


Why i am trying a yosemite install (on another partition), because i hope that kexts for WIFI Yosemite work, at least that is what i read in forums! So please anyone?


I am using latest Clover!




Thanks, Toni



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Which WiFi Adapter you have in your system? Use utility like DPCIManager to find out your hardware details.


Boot with -v and share a photo of the frozen screen.

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Ok, thanks for a fast reply! The DPCIManager says, as i suspected it's a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Net adapter! Tried some Atheros kexts, but am not sure if they were for this specific one!


I'll post a pic of screen, just have to make another USB, in the meantime i also tried olarila's Yosemite installer, same result… Maybe i should not boot in UEFI? Be back soon!

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Oh, looks like a tough on with this Atheros, as seen on forums… Anyway, here are two pics from Yosemite install boot from USB, with Clover and verbose mode!



Here was the first stop, for about a minute...



And here it eventually freezes, after a beach ball!



Truth is, i use this configuration to boot into mavericks, and had made a lot of edits of plists for Clover to actually boot! I have a DSDT also, in clover efi partition too… Seems to be an audio issue??

And here, boot in safe mode:




Stops here, about a minute into install.


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Update; for Atheros wifi, i tried patching the AirportAtheros40.kext's plist with device id found in DPCIManager, which is “168c 0032” as it shows. No change and in misc tab, boot log gave these out, suspect it regards this info:



0:100  0:000  PCI (00|03:00.00) : 168C 0032 class=028000



8:411  0:000  Found Airport Atheros at 0x1C0002, 0x0, DeviceID=0x0032


Now i am not an expert, but my guess is 0x0 probably means no connection?

And for Yosemite install, should i configure clover to disable audio drivers in boot *HDA*?

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I am not sure whether your AR9485 will natively support by OS X. Might be you have to do necessary DSDT changes to make your AR9485 detect. 


For installation, it is better to remove the DSDT and all patched kexts. Make the bootable USB with kexts which are Mandatory required for running OS X Installer (FakeSMC.kext,VoodooPS2Controller,etc)

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I see. So i guess, using DSDT editor and inserting same id as in patched kext? Or something else?


Ok, will build USB with these, but i will firstly concentrate on fixing wireless in Mav, i guess i'll need it anyway in Yosemite too!




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Right, should mention this also; my boot every once in a while (but quite often!) KPs with this:




And after reboot, it usually goes ok!




9485 is not supported in os x


2 options


usb wifi


change it by a compatible card


good hack


Ok, thanks Artur-pt! I guess there's no way then… Will concentrate on other things, such as bluetooth and Geforce! This laptop has two Graphics cards supposedly, Intel and Geforce GT 750M, see if i can make it work!

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As per my understanding,discrete gfx card in a switched dual GPU configuration in not usable on OS X.



True; just found out, OS X does not support Optimus technology, so no go, at least for now! As for Wifi, i'll probably go with a usb wlan thingy...

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Dear Tona102, I have your same notebook.


I tried to install Yosemite 10.10 with VmWare but the sound doesn't work...


which kext have you installed for the sound card?




Please, can you help me?


thx in advance.

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