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[Success] Asus Maximus VII HERO + GTX 580

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My System is:

MB: Asus ROG Maximus VII HERO (BIOS 2304) [VT-d: disabled; SATA: AHCI mode; SecureBoot: OtherOS]

CPU: Intel i5 4670K
Storage: Samsung SSD EVO 256Gb (Mac OSX) + OCZ SSD 128Gb (Windows 8.1) + Other storage HD's in NTFS
GPU: MSI 580GTX Lightning 1536MB PCIE
RAM: 8GB G-Skill DDR3-2400
Wireless: Apple iMac WF-AC360 Desktop PCI-1X BCM94360CD
Monitors: ASUS (2K) DVI + HP w2207h (1440p) HDMI



1. Create a bootable USB Flash Drive

  • Format the USB Fash Drive in GUID and name it "Install"
  • Insure the OS X Yosemite.app is in your Application folder
  • In terminal run the following script
    sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Install --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --nointeraction
  • Now install Clover_v2k_r3185 (or newer) to the Install USB
  • Follow this options:


  •  Run Clover Configurator [check in the Inject Nvidia if you have a GTX 580 like me]
  • Copy FakeSMC kexts to /EFI/Clover/kexts/10.10 
  • Reboot PC and select to start with the USB Flash Drive in UEFI mode
  • In Clover menu, select the USB Flash Drive




2. Make the Yosemite installation on the HDD
After get to the installation menu:

  • Format in GUID the HDD where you wanna put the Mac OSX Yosemite
  • Make the normal steps of the installation




3. Pos-Install
�  Make HDD bootable
     1. Copy the content from the EFI partition on the USB to the EFI partition in the HDD that you have your Mac OS X [you can run Clover Configurator to mount the partitions]




3.1 Fixes

�  Fixing Audio
Install HDAEnabler7 + AppleHDA-269.25-ALC1150 from Mirone post: AppleHDA For Yosemite - DP's
�  Fixing Ethernet
Running Hackintosh Vietnam Tool and install kext AppleIntel1000e


�  Fixing random reboots (GTX 580)

Random reboots are happening, situation is being analysed to find the cause [Need to put my BIOS running by Intel GPU even if it will use the GTX 580 when get to the Mac OSX desktop.

If you really wanna use the PCIE on BIOS, you need to install Nvidia Web Drivers. Keep using the Apple Nvidia drivers, but for some reason the drivers from Nvidia will eliminate the reboots.

�  Notes GTX 580

Even if I put my BIOS to use the CPU-GPU to avoid the reboots, the problem is that even if I have connection to both monitors and they are connected to the DVi ports of the GTX 580, the true is that the fish test I only get 15fps when if I tell my BIOS to run from the PCI-E it run at 60fps.



What is/not working?

Graphics - Worked OOB

WiFi - Worked OOB

USB - Worked OOB

USB 3.0 - Worked OOB

SATA - Worked OOB

App Store - Worked OOB

Sleep/Shutdown/Reboot/Wake Worked OOB

Network - Patch

Sound - Patch




Benchmarks Windows

Geekbench: 3592 / 11770

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Dx11: 51.4/1295/28.6/91.6

Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 OpenGL: 45.1/1135/10.2/83.0

Fish GL: 400 fish / 60fps (http://www.fishgl.com)


GPUTest 0.7.0:

  • FurMark - 2058 points (FPS: 34)
    GiMark- 2383 points (FPS: 39)
    PixMark JuliaFP64 - 2151 points (FPS: 35)
    PixMark Piano- 292 points (FPS: 4)


Benchmarks Mac OSX 10.10.2


Fish GL: (http://www.fishgl.com)

BIOS GPU "AUTO" - 400 fish / 15fps 

BIOS GPU "CPU" - 400 fish / 15fps 

BIOS GPU "CPI-E" - 400 fish / 60fps 


GPUTest 0.7.0:

  • FurMark - 2053 points (FPS: 34)
  • GiMark- 2435 points (FPS: 40)
  • PixMark JuliaFP64 - 2151 points (FPS: 35)
  • PixMark Piano- 293 points (FPS: 4)

BruceX (ProRes422): 52s






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Il Francy MacPc, don't update to BIOS 2601 it breaks AHCI driver. 
Ru1Sous4, the Asus Maximus VII Hero never had a BIOS version 2304.


It doesn't break the AHCI driver either, I'm using BIOS version 2601 right now and it works fine.



Nice write up. I used yours and some other sources to get my similar setup running. Setup is in signature. Figure I'd share some info in case others need help. To get Yosemite running flawless on my rig I had to do a bit more. Honestly don't have the balls to try El Capitain anytime soon, lol. This setup is sweet as hell right now.


Due to having GTX 970 and being a lazy ass that didn't want to take it out and put it back in, I had to install/boot using nv_disable=1, after installation and initial boot, then download web drivers and cuda drivers for nvidia, the graphics was painful during this process, but after installing then boot with nvda_drv=1, fantastic. (Note: Cinebench 167 fps in Windows vs 111 fps in OSX.)


HDMI Audio with NVIDIA cards - I followed andrejkw's guide to enable it.


iMessage working with this guide here -> Enable iMessage. (Note: I do NOT have a credit card on file with Apple and it works.)


Not that I don't trust Vietnam tool, but prefer to get the source to add to my own kext collection and install myself.



Edit: I have recently moved from AppleIntelE1000e to IntelMausiEthernet. I'm sticking to it since it is newer developed and is being maintained. Here is the link and kext.



Enable Trim via Clover for 10.10.3 and below

(1) In Clover Configurator, go to Kernel and Kext Patches add a new row

(2) in name put "IOAHCIBlockStorage"

(3) in find hex put "004150504C452053534400"

(4) in replace hex put "0000000000000000000000"

(5) in comment you can write what you want

(6) in InfoPlistPatch leave it as is (unchecked)

(7) Save and reboot


Edit: Trim on 10.10.4 can be done via terminal and no longer needs to be patched by Clover.

sudo trimforce enable

Edit: On 10.10.4 my audio would not wake from sleep. I used Mirone's new patched kext for AC1150 for 10.10.4. This was easily fixed with CodecCommander as discussed in his post. I inject with Clover as I do with all my kexts.



Using MacPro5,1


My config.plist for install USB is on post #10. Obviously recreate your SMBIOS after installation.


Good luck guys!

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Nice write up. I used yours and some other sources to get my similar setup running. Setup is in signature. Figure I'd share some info incase others need help. To get Yosemite running flawless on my rig I had to do a bit more. Honestly don't have the balls to try El Capitain anytime soon, lol. This setup is sweet as hell right now.

Thanks for sharing, sure will be useful for someone :)

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Tried doing everything exactly as stated, but ended up with this error:





Any idea why?

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Not sure of all your boot arguments, try my config file in your clover boot. attachicon.gifconfig.plist.zip unzip it into efi/clover/

It always gets me booted into the installer or my operating system.

Thanks so much! This helped.


I've been able to install it, and boot into it on the drive I want it on.

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So I updated to 10.10.4 everything is working as normal. Clover no longer needs to patch for TRIM to work. You can simply enable it through terminal.

Terminal: sudo trimforce enable

The only problem I encountered was the audio would not wake from sleep. Mirone has updated his kexts for 10.10.4 but still no audio when waking. I am still currently discussing with him if there is a possible fix without using a extra kext but that conversation is probably over already as I have fixed the issue.


There were two possible fixes in his post. I went with the first one which was using Codec Commander from Dolnor. A bit a of work to compile the kext with xcode and change some settings but it was easy enough. For those who are updating with this motherboard and using the build in ALC1150 here is the CodecCommander.kext I created from Dolnor's work.


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      Asus ROG Strix H370-I mobo
      i5 8400 cpu
      32gb ddr 4 2133
      1tb samsung evo 860 ssd
      Ive finally gotten to the point where the installation of HS loads to the language selection screen, but then i lose all usage of every USB port.
      Im at a loss of what to do from here.
      According to others, i have the proper files in the kexts/other folder as well as the drivers64UEFI folder.
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