Rev 4833 There is an audio interface in Clover. Regards to Goldfish64 I made a sound playback in Clover using his Audio driver. Place driver AudioDxe.efi into /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/ Place application BootChimeCfg.efi into /EFI/CLOVER/tools/ Place a sound file into your theme folder, for example, /EFI/CLOVER/theme/cesium/. There can be two files: "sound.wav" and "sound_night.wav".   For example After reboot you will hear sound before Clover GUI. It is startup sound like chime in real Mac. Sound file must be 44100Hz, 16bps, WAV format. You can convert any sound file into such format using VLC application.   Tuning. Before first start you have to tune your sound system. Start Clover, goto Shell. Shell> fs0: fs0:> cd EFI\CLOVER\tools fs0:EFI\CLOVER\tools>BootChimeCfg.efi You will see all options -l -- list all devices. See and choose. Then you have to configure and hear. BootChimeCfg.efi -s 1 -v 60 -t Audio Output=1 and Sound Volume=60% will be stored in NVRAM and will be used by Clover after next restart.   Enjoy!