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USB Keyboard Freezes At Windows Boot Manager When Booting With Clover

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This happens because you're chain-booting Windows using legacy-boot from Clover.  By that time, UEFI driver has taken over USB, and legacy bios can no longer be used to access the keyboard.


If you're using UEFI boot, you only have one option - which is to switch to chain-booting Windows using UEFI boot (using bootmgfw.efi instead of bootmgr).


If you're using legacy boot to start clover you have two options

  • One is to switch to chain-booting Windows using UEFI boot.
  • The other is to switch from using boot6 to boot7.  boot7 keeps legacy bios in control of USB and SATA instead of using UEFI drivers for them.

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I think I was misunderstood.


You don't have to switch to starting Clover using UEFI boot instead of legacy boot.


You can either

- Boot legacy Clover using boot7 instead of boot6 and leave everything else the same.


- Keep booting legacy Clover using boot6, but chain-boot Windows using Windows UEFI Boot. This is more complicated.  You need to copy bootmgfw.efi to \efi\microsoft\boot, and also create a UEFI-oriented BCD registry hive in \efi\microsoft\boot\BCD.  The latter part is complicated, and you'll have to search the web to find out how...  (There's a Microsoft tool bcdboot that can build BCD, but when run out of legacy Windows 7, it refuses to build UEFI BCD.  In Windows 8, it has a command-line option to build UEFI BCD).

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On my Hackintosh I am dualbooting OS X Yosemite with Windows 7, using the latest version of Clover.



I'm using Chimera to boot into OS X using legacy boot. From here I install clover for UEFI motherboards, but then when I restart and switch to UEFI mode (disable CSM) nothing shows up in boot options so I can't boot into clover or anything else.


So, which is it?

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Hi guys



I've same issue with dual booting,my keyboard freeze and my Clover is installed in Legacy mode and my second OS is Windows 7

I've question,what is best way to switch from boot6 to boot7,really I'm not sure what is best way and if someone could let me know steps and how to do that


Thanks in advance,Jura

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