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    • By PJR
      Opa gente!
      Ontem fiz uma instalação do Mac Os High Sierra em minha maquina, um I5 4440 + GTX 970, o finalizar a instalação resolvi conectar meu segundo monitor na saida de video da placa mãe (HD Graphics 4600) reiniciei a maquina e ativei a HD Graphics. Os monitores funcionam porem ao usar o Chrome, por exemplo, quando uma lista de sugestão de pesquisa aparece, ela apresenta diversos bugs graficos, chuviscos e artefatos no local onde deveria estar a lista.
      Obs: Ao usar apenas a GTX 970 ou somente a HD Graphics estes problemas não ocorrem.
    • By brkss
      Hi friends, 
      Right after a succesfull installation of Mojave, the same USB stick doesn't take me to the boot screen after first compulsory restart. Only comes a black screen after GIOScreenlockstate 3 command line. I can only boot with the famous fake id 0x12345678.
      I chose MacBookPro 9,2 for SMBIOS and for ig-platform-id in my configurations using and editing Rehabman's config.plist for HD4000 1366x768 mobile(slide=0 gives Kernel Cache error). My config.plist file is on the attachment. Everything inside my EFI and DRIVERS64UEFI folder are totally the same as told on the installation guide. 
      My laptop is (as in my signature) Samsung NP530U4C i5 3317U with graphics HD 4000 1366x768
      Do I need framebuffer patching, or DSDT patching, any extra kext installing or something else? Or change my SMBIOS and ig-platform-id selections?
      Help please..
    • By WeBeRiO
      Hi all! I have a Asus h110s1 with a i5-7400 working.

      Only no wake up from sleep, screen black and reboot.

      Is posible fix this problem? No is the model UHD.

      Thank U.-