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Retrieve ROM/MLB and other serials from macbook pro in "Target Disk Mode"

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Hi there,


My Macbook Pro 2011 just broke. It seems to be a common issue with this model (the GPU issue)...

I can not even login. Only can run the Hardware test (which says everything is ok, btw :-) )


I got myself a new mac and i was thinking of connecting it as target mode to retrieve the serials like MLB/ROM, SMMUID... to try to use it on a hackintosh...


How can I get this info now? I should have done it later, i am stupid...

Where are these serials stored on the hardrive?

I can also open it to check if the firefwire mac adress is writen there (or network adress), but i do not want to do it now... (i am still hoping for a fix - or apple will react). 


Thanks for helping me to get these serials.


Cheers and Happy new year to all of you

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boot to single-user mode (you should know how to do this) and run iMessage-debug


Thanks STLVNUB but i can not boot into this mode. I can not even boot on USB... that is why i think of using the disk target mode (or extract my disk) to check those serials.. But it is pointless if there is no way to check those data on the drive itself.... any idea?

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