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Intel HD 4000 | No acceleration

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Hello guys, as I can see this happens to a lot of people, I'd the problem that the system was only getting 4mb from my VGA but now it's ok. The thing is that I'm not getting any kind of graphic acceleration, sometimes youtube on fullscreen looks weird, the progress bar appears and disappears, and also I'm not getting any transparency or "cool effects" that until I know I should see now. I've been looking posts to make this easier...

I need to ask you some help, sorry if my english isn't properly...


System specs:




As you can see I'm getting the 512mb from my Intel HD 4000 but I cannot see any graph acceleration. In other posts I saw that their op's posted their DSDT ... Would be great if someone can help me... Thank you guys!

(sorry for my english)

pd: currently using clover

System DSDT.zip

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