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Need a script for iTunes for Windows

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I'm basically looking for a script that pretty much does the same thing as this AppleScript did for me on the Mac.



Here's the scripts that I have at the moment:



Copied from the description of this video*, I made two separate scripts that changes the play count and skip count individually.



*Sidenote: if you do want to use any of the scripts that are in the description of the video linked above, there is a soft hyphen within the phrase " ("iTunes.Application") ", so after you have copied the script in Notepad, it will appear as " ("iTunes.Applic-ation") ", so just remember to remove said soft hyphen in order for the script to work.



From this website, I've downloaded the ClearSkipCount and the LastPlayedNever scripts**.



**Sidenote: This is not the same thing as using the scripts from above and setting the play/skip count to 0. That only takes care of the value, and not the date, whereas these scripts go beyond that and clears at the last played/skipped date (the LastPlayedNever script clears both plays and skips).


My question is: how can I go about altering the play or skip date of a track much like that AppleScript mentioned above?

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