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Install OS X Mavericks Onto Dell Inspiron 1545

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Hi guys


I had an old dell 1545 lying around that had a bad ram stick init so i decided to fix that and put a new stick in it.


i then thought that i might aswell install Mavericks on it as i had no real use for it as i use a dual boot hackintosh as my daily driver so most of my files that i use are in OSX most of the time


so i created a MyHack usb and plugged it into the Laptop


booted to Darwin


i then try to boot with no boot flags Nothing happens just white screen


then -v it loads up and the last line of text is **** [CIBluetoohHICController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport | I then disabled the bluetooth in the bios and restarted. It stops at the line [PCI configuration end, Bridges 7, devices 16] 


i have tried many other flags that have got me to the apple logo and the never ending spinning circle EDIT: Boot flags like -x npci=0x3000 get to the spinning circle where as just using -x it will just sit at the apple logo


i have no idea what to do now


if anyone could shine some light on this that would be great! also if any other information is needed i will be happy to provide it





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Bump (Please don't let this thread be dead!)



I got the system to boot the installer once. I can't quite remember the bootflags, but I think I used GraphicsEnabler=Yes, npci=0x3000, busratio=20, pci=acpi, dart=0, and -x.


If you make any progress please keep me posted! 



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Two Years later...


I'm on an Inspiron 1545 with Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  


In order to get this far, I partitioned my hard drive and duped the working drive in order to try an upgrade to Mountain Lion.  It took a while to navigate the morass from installing Leopard first (iAtkos v7) and then To Snow Leopard (iAtkos S3 V2), then up to 10.6.7, and then to 10.6.8.


Now I'm duplicating 10.6.8 to the other partition to start over again. Wish me luck.


If you still have that 1545, it would be handy to know where you got in ML.

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