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[How To]Broadcom 802.11 b/g

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anyone that wants wireless to get their wireless up and running and has a HP Laptop DV1000 Series then this is the tut for you. The credit goes to Bikedude880 for making me the kext and I'm just doing a favor by letting everyone have it also.


1.go to System/Library/Extensions and back up IO80211Family.kext

2.then go to System/Library and delete "Extensions.kextcache" and "Extensions.mkext"

3.next download IO80211Family.kext.zip (bottom of this post) and unzip it

4.now in finder go to System/Library/Extensions and drop the unzipped IO80211Family.kext into the folder

5. choose authenticate and put in password

6. next go to applications/utilities and open up disk utility

7.pick whichever drive you have Mac OS X installed to and press repair disk permissions.

8. after that reboot and if you have a baseball diamond icon in your finder bar next to the time and sound then it worked. If not then you should put back your old IO80211Family.kext.

9. next click on the baseball diamond and turn airport on and choose your wireless network. Voila you now have wireless working.


any questions my aim is surferdudez3168 and email is alan.wells@mac.com


All credit goes to bikedude880


any problems past back here and we will help ansewer your questions.


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