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6GB Gtx 780, studdering graphics

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So i have:


Gigabyte Z87N WIFI

GTX 780 6GB from EVGA

i5 4670k


With integrated gfx all works well, audio sound etc, when using the GTX 780 i have installed the nvidia web drivers and cud drivers but i have to boot with nv_disable=0 or else i get a black screen, when i use that flag all works BUT there is extreme studder/lag and my resolution is stuck at an odd one with no other options, any  ideas??


Help much appreciated, thanks!

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nv_disable=0 does that even do anything? Cuz 0 = off and 1 = on. So you are basically says don't disable nvidia which is the stock settings, no?


If you installed the web drivers you need to use the flag nvda_drv=1 which forces the web drivers to load. 

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