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Need support for post installation on an hp laptop

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i managed to install yosemite on HP g6-2290sx using clover efi r2953 ...


i ve got the trackpad,keyboard,battery and audio working...


However i cant get the intel HD 4000 to work as it should, it has only 4 mb vram and graphics are slow and has artifacts.

also i need to get the ralink wifi and bluetooth and the realtek ethernet to work...


list of hardware:

Audio IDT working automatically

GPU intel HD 4000 not working preoperly

trackpad working

keyboard working

USB working

battery working

ralink wifi not working

ralink bluetooth not working

realtek ethernet not working properly



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i looked up the page but it didnt work also there is a fake id thing which i cant figure out...

i tested 0x01660003 3 ports 1024 vram....same


it now works with 0x016600003 and duallink 0

fakeis is 0x00000000


but the the brightness is reduced a little and the apple logo is washed out when booting

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how to make the HP webcam work?

are there any kexts for ralink/mediatek RT3290 wireless and bluetooth?

is there any guide to fix the brightness?

in the middle of the booting proccess the apple logo gets washed away in a way similar to incorrect edid injection,any fix for that?



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