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Boot from a hackintoshed hdd into a real Mac

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Hi all ,


After some researchs i don't found any solution to my problem , i try to boot from a Mavericks hdd hackintoshed using Myhack into a real Mac Pro Early 2008,with no luck ,


First  :


- I removed the extra folder √

- i removed the hidden boot file (maybe the chameleon one) √


No luck , still stuck to the endless wheel of the death : )=


Then , i cloned my hacked hdd to remove completely all the hack stuffs (yes, Copy Carbon Cloner only copy the real mac stuff and leave the rest to the new one normally) .



Then............ it booted nicely ! But ... Only one once :/ I repaired permission + restart = Apple logo + wheel ,no boot anymore ,


I can add to my post , the hdd i try to make work boot only in safe mode now .


Any advice guys on what about  i can do please ?



Thanks in advance ,



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