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Evening all, here we go.


I'm running a hackintosh that is dependent upon stability for my work, yet despite all my efforts I cannot get it to stop doing a complete lock up (total freeze). The OS stops responding, the "caps lock light" stops responding, but the MOBO/GPU fans keep spinning.


The issue occurs randomly, however I can force the issue by attempting a specific download. I have been attempting to download Autodesk Maya after my fresh install, but only get 40-250 MB into the download before a lockup. My download speed is around 20mb/s (not mbps), so it only lasts for about 10-20 seconds before a freeze.


Computer Specs as follows:

I have been attempting to isolate the issue to no avail. I essentially went through all the steps outlined in this thread: http://www.tonymacx86.com/general-help/121353-mavericks-hackintosh-freezes.html


I have tried the following:

  • Tweaked my RAM voltages
    • Tried +/- .1-.3
  • Changed DRAM Speed Settings in BIOS
    • Made sure it was set to 1600MHZ (what the memory speed actually is)
  • Changed Analog IO, Digital IO voltages
    • Tried +/- .1
  • Changed ram timing
    • 10/10/10/27
    • 10/10/10/30
    • 10/10/10/24
  • Tried just 1 stick of RAM
  • Disabled/taken out my GTX 780TI
  • Booted with -X

If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. At this point I'm desperate

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So you can force the issue by downloading a large file? Really could be anything... even a software bug in an application you're using. Not your internet browser is it? FF was crashing my MacBook under similar circumstances on 10.9.4 a little while back...


System logs give any clues? What kexts are in use? What booloader? OSX version, updated to 10.9.5? Any other clues or people with similar problems on similar hardware?


Also as a side note, from my experience, hacks are great as hobby/ personal machines. But if you're relying on one to make a living, it might be a good idea to get a real mac too. You've gotta do your own IT support with these things and you don't want to let that stop you from doing your job.

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Only way to test for sure is to try Windows. I'm gonna say that Multicrap is {censored} something up.

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Shouldn't be a network issue as the TL WDN4800 is an OOB functional card with and as far as I know (and have experienced) needs no driver or kext support. 


Windows has no lock ups, so it doesn't seem to be a hardware specific fault. I'm doing a fresh install again and going the clover route, we shall see

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