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"CPU halted" when shutting down

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Hey guys,


almost everything is now working properly. But there is still something that won't work at all.

When I try to shut down my notebook, the line

CPU halted
appears, the Fans turn on again and nothing happens. Then I need to hard-reset it. It would be nice if someone could help me.


I'm using Clover with patched DSDT and SSDTs (SSDT-4 and SSDT-5), and a patched Haswell Kernel in Mavericks 10.9.5.

What I've already tried:

- Shutdown Fix v2 from RehabMan in my DSDT (in SSDTs it don't take effect) - no success

-Fix_Shutdown in Clover + Shutdown Fix v2 from RehabMan - no success

- Ev0reboot - no success


It would be nice if someone could help me :)



M4RWiN (and sorry for my english, I'm from germany)

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