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It has been a while since I have actually used OSx86 in VMWare and OSx86 in general. I apparently lost interest in May because of various reasons --- mainly because of my AMD hardware.


Anyways, I have a dying urge to use OSx86 right now, and I feel that this is the best route to go as I had very good luck with it.


I plan to install 10.4.3 then 10.4.4 using the method Maxxuss documented when 10.4.4 was first released (with the original restore disc image, of course). With no offence to any of the people who work extremely hard to get patched updates out to the community, I feel very strongly against mixing and matching files and such.


So my question is what needs to be edited/added in the VMWare config file?


I think paevm needs to be set to true and some other things, which I can't recall, need to be changed.

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