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Hi Slice

No way to compile to have both 32 & 64 arch supported?

It is possible but I have no 10.7 for this now. If you have it then you can compile the project to 32/64 fat.

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I found this forum when I was looking for a temperature monitor solution for my Gigabyte AMD RX Vega 64 GPU.


You’re latest HwSensor pluing’s and Apps is working just fine (GPU temp), but I can’t control any fans at all.

I’m not looking solution for gpu fan controller, since it is not possible I guess?

I just need Cpu, System and Aux Fan controller to get it work.

I installed a new cooling system to my Vega, with Morpheus II Core Editionin, and it would be great to get temp monitor.


Cpu, System and Aux Fan control is just working nice with Rehabman FakeSMC and plugins, but Gpu monitor missing!


I've been trying all day to get it work even with dsdt patch, with no luck!

I'm I missing someting?

if possible, you could help a bit?

Here is my dsdt, and ioreg files if needed?

Thanks a lot for the great work!


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No way to get AMD Radeon FAN monitoring.

May be some new developer will think about.

Thanks slice,

but I did not mean to control Vega gpu fan at all! 

Just to monitoring gpu temperature.

Like I said, I have I changed the original fan system (which is like a jet-plane most of the time) to

Raijintek MORPHEUS II Core Edition, and Fans are hook up to CHA_FAN (pwn mode 4-pin) at mobo.


I can control all the fans with Rehabman FakeSMC, but not with you’re latest HwSensor. And RehabMan Fakesmc Gpu temp monitor is missing, and your HwSensor plugins are showing all the fans and GPU monitor, but can’t change them CPU Fan, System Fan and Aux Fan (where is my gpu fans pluged)


Thanks a lot Slice!

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How can I write dual gpu support? 

This is open-source project

        if ((vendor_id==0x1002) && (class_id == 0x030000)) {
          InfoLog("found Radeon chip id=%x ", (unsigned int)device_id);
          VCard = device;
          ret = 1; //TODO - count a number of cards

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This is open-source project

        if ((vendor_id==0x1002) && (class_id == 0x030000)) {
          InfoLog("found Radeon chip id=%x ", (unsigned int)device_id);
          VCard = device;
          ret = 1; //TODO - count a number of cards

Ok. I add 2 in this section. 

if ((vendor_id==0x1002) && (class_id == 0x030000)) {
          InfoLog("found Radeon chip id=%x ", (unsigned int)device_id);
          VCard = device;
          ret = 2; //TODO - count a number of cards

But still only one gpu in hwMonitor.post-916820-0-53203000-1519309352_thumb.png

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..hey devs, looking for an assist getting sensors read... chipset SCH5617...not currently supported by LPCSensors plugin....I've found some info, and an app in windows that does read from the chip (Hmonitor Version but I'm not knowledgeable enough to tear into the app and see how it works.....



Hmonitor Version Pro 02ACFA04


H/W diagnostics info:

Windows 8 Professional x64 Version 6.2.9200 

Manufacturer: LENOVO

Board model: ThinkCentre M57

Version: LENOVO


BIOS version: 2RKT64AUS, Release date: 11/24/2011

Chipset: 29B08086

Vendor ID: 303817AA

SouthBridge: 29148086

SMB port used: 1C20

CPU:Intel® Core2 Quad CPU  Q9550 @ 2.83GHz



Internal Freq=2826.0 MHz

External Freq=403.71 MHz


SystemBus Freq=21.801 GT/s 

Thermo control configuration:

Full Throttle:100.0%

AMD Low Power mode:Disabled

Device:None Throttle:25.0% Enable at:70.0°C Disable at:65.0°C

Main Sensor: SCH5617

Poll intervals: Sensors=5 sec, HDDs=5 min, Warnings=5 sec

EventLog: Disabled, EventLog.txt

DataLog: Disabled, DataLog.txt

Loginterval=1 min, LogRotation=Never


Monitored data values:

Mainboard=xx.x°C (0,Auto,0.0°C)

CPU1=xx.x°C (1,Auto,0.0°C)

CPU1 Core=41.0°C (1,CoreTemp,0.0°C)

CPU0 Core=44.0°C (0,CoreTemp,0.0°C)

Chassis=1449 rpm

CPU1=xxxx rpm

CPU2=337 rpm

Power=xxxx rpm








HDD1 temp=27.0°C ST9500420AS 0003LVM1 SATA

HDD2 temp=40.0°C ST380815AS 3.CCA SATA

VGA device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745

VGA Device ID: 138210DE,106510DE.A2

VGA Acceleration Level: 0

VGA sensor: ForceWare

VGA GPU=50.0°C

VGA Env=xx.x°C

VGA Fan=xxxx rpm (xx%)

VGA Core=+x.xxV

VGA Bus=+x.xxV





I'll include what info I could find...please find attached 2 pdf files, one relates specifically to the SCH5617, the other is data sheet for SCH5627P but refers to SCH5617 differences (hoping it supplies some useful tidbits)
...hoping for a reply...thx



Edited by RobertX
re-attached files...waiting for replies

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Already done.


Right, sorry. I did't see any mention of 0x67EF, particularly at radeon_chipinfo_gen.h, so didn't expect it to work. But now I see that it does.

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Hi. Sorry if I this has been already asked... Is there  some version of gpu sensors to read clocks and usage of 1080ti?


I'm using binaries from HWSensors.6.26.1440 (last version) . Now the sensor only reads temps. I know that in this version,  this options are deactivated to avoid KP. I don´t know if there is some version patched.

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Very nice look in HWMmonitorSMC v2 beta. Good job @Slice.

Except new GUI what is the differences? 

attachicon.gifZrzut ekranu 2018-02-28 o 14.35.12.png

I made this new app in swift 4 and is marked as beta because has bugs that I have solved locally (later changes will be online). I've added in the meantime also the read of the RAM (total, free inactive and available).


  • 10.10 is the minimum OS version
  • translated in English, Italian and Russian (may be that Slice needs to look at it and correct where needed), but every languages supported by macOS can be added. When I finished to add functionalities I'll let you know for the localizable files.
  • CPU frequencies/temperatures are now separated from other stuff.
  • HD/ssd (life or temperature) are now on the same group called "Media healt"
  • The popover (the view) can be detached to become a normal window that you can size as you wish (persistent after a restart). At the bottom right there's a lock.. if unlocked (as per default) you can drag the popover to become a window, if loked you can resize it when still appended, idea that @fabiosun gave me.
  • Auto detection of dark appearance of macOS so that the view will follow him (vibrant ligh or vibrant dark).
  • By double clicking on any row of the view you can expand or collapse a group or if you do that on a sensor you can make it favorite and see values on the top bar as for the usual app.
  • At bottom left there's a gear, the Preferences: post-2078499-0-28347800-1520006561_thumb.png. You can see new options, but the best for me is the new slider to determine the interval to update sensors. 3 seconds is the minimum (default) to 10 seconds. Also you can force dark appearance on a normal system if you like it.




more images:










@Slice, after uploaded the new app os sourceforce I've immediately sent you an email through sf itself, but something tells my that you did not see this message. Anyway tell me what you think.




s.m.a.r.t. sensors need an update for new ssd because the bit for the temperature is somewhere else. 

Add s.m.a.r.t. reading for nvme drives

..tell something to me. 





Its on SourceForge?


app attached


Edited by vector sigma

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@vector sigma


Nice job! thanks man :)


Just out of curiosity can we ever have control of the speed of fans? specially GPU fans?


for NVidia we should read/set the cool-bit 0x04 and not sure is in the video bios/gop. (no idea for AMD).

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for NVidia we should read/set the cool-bit 0x04 and not sure is in the video bios/gop. (no idea for AMD).

Where exactly should we implement this code? sorry for being such a noob  :blush:

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    • By Slice
      Don't mix 6.18 and 3.41.
      There are three different projects for monitoring temperatures, voltages, fans speed and other hardware parameters:
      Initially it was FakeSMC with plugins for producing SMC keys for hardware parameters for different hardware. But sometimes ago Kozlek separated own version of FakeSMC and producing new set of plugins while I stay with good working version 3. So..
      1. FakeSMC v3 with Hardware Sensors3  which I still supported.
      2. FakeSMC v6 (rev1800) by Kozlek and supported by Rehabman. AFAIK both are abandoned and the project is not supported. Or may be maintained by coauthors.
      3. New VirtualSMC by vit9696 with own set of sensors kexts. It depends on Lilu.kext. The project is in active development.
      All three project have incompatible interfaces sensors<->SMC so they are incompatible with each other.
      There are applications for monitoring hardware parameters and they commonly depends on these projects.
      1. iStat, iStatMenu, iStatPro compatible with real Macs because they use SMC keys just like those presents in real Macs.
      2. HWMonitorSMC by Navi (initial codes from Kozlek)  used in my HWSensors3.
      3. HWMonitor by Kozlek with graphics like in IntelPowerGadget used in his HWSensors version.
      4. HWMonitorSMC2 by Vector_Sigma tends to be universal supporting all project. It also may use sensors information produces by Apple graphics and by IntelPowerGadget.
      Let us discuss here differences and common ideas for this projects.
    • By Slice
      This thread devoted to share information about different SMC keys found or investigated anywhere.
      What are they?
      SMC keys is a somehow language to speak between macOS and hardware microcontroller presented in real Mac and absent in Hackintosh.
      They inform macOS about Hardware ID and current status. Moreover macOS can write something through SMC protocol to control hardware.
      FakeSMC ( ©Netkas) is the driver to emulate this microcontroller on PC having no such device which is necessary to boot macOS here.
      But FakeSMC contain only ~20 keys while real Mac answers ~200 keys.
      Some keys we added by HWSensors project reporting temperatures, FAN speeds, voltages etc.
      Some keys are model dependent was added by Clover to be sure if user changed model in GUI then corresponding keys will be changed automatically.
      Clover sets
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RPlt", &gSettings.RPlt, 8);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RBr", &gSettings.RBr, 8);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"EPCI", &gSettings.EPCI, 4);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"REV", &gSettings.REV, 6);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"BEMB", &gSettings.Mobile, 1);
      BEMB - is a mobility sign. =0 -desktop, =1 - mobile.
      REV - SMC hardware revision, changes sometimes with Apple updates.
      RPlt, RBr and EPCI is hardware capabilities, noticed used in Intel HD drivers.
      All SMC keys consists of name 4 ascii chars as 32bit integer, type and value.
       "flag", len 1
       "ui8 ", len 1
       "ui16", len 2
       "sp78", len 2
       "ui32", len 4
      "fp2e", len 2
      "fpe2", len 2
      "{rev", and others...
      List of known keys
      More keys will be discussed in the thread
      Feel free to share you knowledge and ask about noticed keys.