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    • By Slice
      Don't mix 6.18 and 3.41.
      There are three different projects for monitoring temperatures, voltages, fans speed and other hardware parameters:
      Initially it was FakeSMC with plugins for producing SMC keys for hardware parameters for different hardware. But sometimes ago Kozlek separated own version of FakeSMC and producing new set of plugins while I stay with good working version 3. So..
      1. FakeSMC v3 with Hardware Sensors3  which I still supported.
      2. FakeSMC v6 (rev1800) by Kozlek and supported by Rehabman. AFAIK both are abandoned and the project is not supported. Or may be maintained by coauthors.
      3. New VirtualSMC by vit9696 with own set of sensors kexts. It depends on Lilu.kext. The project is in active development.
      All three project have incompatible interfaces sensors<->SMC so they are incompatible with each other.
      There are applications for monitoring hardware parameters and they commonly depends on these projects.
      1. iStat, iStatMenu, iStatPro compatible with real Macs because they use SMC keys just like those presents in real Macs.
      2. HWMonitorSMC by Navi (initial codes from Kozlek)  used in my HWSensors3.
      3. HWMonitor by Kozlek with graphics like in IntelPowerGadget used in his HWSensors version.
      4. HWMonitorSMC2 by Vector_Sigma tends to be universal supporting all project. It also may use sensors information produces by Apple graphics and by IntelPowerGadget.
      Let us discuss here differences and common ideas for this projects.
    • By Slice
      This thread devoted to share information about different SMC keys found or investigated anywhere.
      What are they?
      SMC keys is a somehow language to speak between macOS and hardware microcontroller presented in real Mac and absent in Hackintosh.
      They inform macOS about Hardware ID and current status. Moreover macOS can write something through SMC protocol to control hardware.
      FakeSMC ( ©Netkas) is the driver to emulate this microcontroller on PC having no such device which is necessary to boot macOS here.
      But FakeSMC contain only ~20 keys while real Mac answers ~200 keys.
      Some keys we added by HWSensors project reporting temperatures, FAN speeds, voltages etc.
      Some keys are model dependent was added by Clover to be sure if user changed model in GUI then corresponding keys will be changed automatically.
      Clover sets
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RPlt", &gSettings.RPlt, 8);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"RBr", &gSettings.RBr, 8);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"EPCI", &gSettings.EPCI, 4);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"REV", &gSettings.REV, 6);
      LogDataHub(&gEfiMiscSubClassGuid, L"BEMB", &gSettings.Mobile, 1);
      BEMB - is a mobility sign. =0 -desktop, =1 - mobile.
      REV - SMC hardware revision, changes sometimes with Apple updates.
      RPlt, RBr and EPCI is hardware capabilities, noticed used in Intel HD drivers.
      All SMC keys consists of name 4 ascii chars as 32bit integer, type and value.
       "flag", len 1
       "ui8 ", len 1
       "ui16", len 2
       "sp78", len 2
       "ui32", len 4
      "fp2e", len 2
      "fpe2", len 2
      "{rev", and others...
      List of known keys
      More keys will be discussed in the thread
      Feel free to share you knowledge and ask about noticed keys.