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    • By Galan-od
      I collected the program for operation, I share with you, it is possible not I one in this sphere I work.
      The program converts video and sends to the FTP-server, checks comparing the size in bytes, generates a XML metadata file, in case of a breakaway of connection with the Internet there is an opportunity to resume transmission of the file to the server. If in the program to open a video file in the course of conversion (for example Faynal Katom), the program passes into a standby mode and only after completion of conversion will take it in processing. There is an opportunity to disconnect coding (FFmpeg), having left only FTP the Client (Curl).
      The password is stored in "Bunch of keys"


      The yellow smilie designates successful transmission, and red an error.

      With a question mark - the program couldn't determine the size, it is possible because of characters #?, etc.

      In case of the first start of the program folders/Desktop/FastLaunch/Results are created, in the Results folder there are video files in operation, after unloading on the server video files go to the FastLaunch folder.
      The Clear button cleans the Results folder on that case if decided not to send files.
      I collected the program with the help
      Platypus, Pashua
      ffmpeg, mediainfo, alerter
    • By seth7
      Hi everyone,
      I'm a new member and pretty new to the OSx86 world as well. I'm a music producer, so I don't really need great gpu performance.
      Back to almost 2 years ago, I tried to build my new pc thinking of macOS compatibility. Here is what I bought:
      Gigabyte GA-Z170-D3H Intel i7 6700k (HD530 IGPU) Nvidia GT710 Fanless (2GB)  32GB RAM 1x NVME Crucial 1TB (macOS on it) 2x SSD Samsung 850 500GB (Windows and openSUSE on them)  
      Thanks to some guides and help from plenty of good people, I managed to have triple boot and Mojave Vanilla (with Clover bootloader) working without huge problems, except one: while I'm using my dGPU (GT710) I have glitches everywhere in the GUI while (and only WHILE) I'm watching videos with subtitles. So, I tried to switch to the iGPU (HD530), enabled Quicksync and finally get ride of the glitches, but now is happening something even worst: flash and video signal cut suddenly without any reason, apparently.
      Here attached some examples. I certainly updated Clover and any kext already, without any result. Hope someone of you can figure it out how to fix this. 
      Thank you very much!!!

      telegram-cloud-document-4-5841346416676439979.mp4 telegram-cloud-document-4-5841346416676439984.mp4
    • By technosinner
      Hi guys,
      I need help with my Sapphire RX580 8GB. It works and I have it connected to a BenQ EW3270U (4k monitor through DP), but I noticed that the quality of my video is not exactly great; I just don't feel like it's up to spec with some fuzziness and everything just isn't as sharp as I expect it to be. It's hard to explain exactly what I see, but especially when there's transparency in windows for instance, I see what I would compare to colour compression artifacting in the gradients of the images showing through the transparency effects. It looks like a video with fading on Youtube but the compression makes it look like waves of pixels as opposed to a real gradient, if that makes any sense? It's impossible to film or photograph properly, and - the part that gets me - if I do a screenshot, it's not visible! I must have been super tired when I posted... it's visible on screen shots after all (see attached). It screams graphic acceleration issues to me but I really am at a loss on how to diagnose this issue further. It's not unusable or anything, but I want to get it to work properly and get as much as I can out of it all.
      As a comparative I did plug in a Retina MBP to the monitor to make sure it wasn't the issue and as expected, I did not see any of this with the MBP.
      I have Lilu and WEG in my 10.14 kext folder, and my (shameful) config is attached, but I more than likely am missing something important...
      All this explained, I want to point out a few things: this is an old machine (built 2012) and I had the same config throughout with exactly 0 issues. This is one reason why I not only never had to optimize it, but I now also pretty much fell off the Hackintosh bandwagon: I am not exactly well versed in all the technical backend of this community as I was until now lucky with a plug and play machine with no issues.
      I will need a lot of help to get back up to date... that said I also had incomprehensible and undiagnosed issues getting the RX580 to work on this machine. Even if it was effortless for everyone else, I had to do a LOT of troubleshooting and in the end, I have no clue how I got it to work! So I'm mortified of changing anything on it without getting some advice first since everything, iCloud and iMessage included, works. I'll be happy to fill in any info and I'm hungry to learn. It's just a bit daunting to start over and my searches have discouraged me a but. I know beggars can't be choosers but I have a 60-hour a week job and I just need a bit of guidance if anyone wants to help me off my training wheels  I fully know I'm in a bad spot and quite frankly I'm ashamed of it. Help me make it better please.

    • By Allan
      Hello guys!
      Here's how you can add a signature in your profile.
      Follow the rules.
      Signatures, Avatars and Nicks
      Keep your signature/avatar clean and tidy - should you receive a PM from the staff regarding your signature/avatar, please make the requested alterations or it may be removed/shortened appropriately.
      To keep pages loading fast for everyone, we request that your signatures and avatars contain no animations or high-definition graphics of any kind.
      Signatures should be no more than 6 lines of text using a regular font. If you can't fit all of your system specs in that you'd like, why not create a small graphic to contain the information?
    • By Wallfacer
      hi there, 
      when attempting install 10.10 to my old PC, it reboots everytime when attached pic shows up. my hardware is:
      mb - unika p35 (with ich9) 775pin
      cpu - intel xeon x3210
      video card - nv geforce 8600gt
      could anybody know what was wrong? or is it possibly because of the video card, or the powermanagement?
      thank you so much for help!