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Please help me, I want to install on a seprated Partition


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Hi everyone

I have a problem with installation of the Mac OS X Tiger and I'm really in trouble with it. Please help me on this.

I have downloaded the Torrent named: "VMWare_files_for_patched_Mac_OS_X_Tiger_Intel[1].3367835.TPB.torrent" and it's really working in VMWare but I don't have 2 HDDs and I want to natively install my Mac OS X Tiger but it seems it is impossible to copy the image to a seprated partition I can do whatever is needed to do that, I have a DVD Writer and an iPod (30GB) that can use it as an USB drive and a Knopix 4 Live CD, I have downloaded the patches of Mac OS X and have them all I have a system with these info:

CPU 3.0 GHz Intel HT


VGA 128 MB PCI Express

a DVD Rom

a DVD Burner

a CD Burner

and ...


Please help me. I repeat again I want to put the image of Mac OS X on a seprated partition and Microsoft Windows XP on another partition and have a boot menu to select one of them. If this is possible pleasssssseee help me.

Thanks in advance.

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