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Tiberio Galbiati

Macbook pro modding ideas

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Hi folks,

My macbook pro 17" early 2011 is broken and in order to repair it the Apple premium reseller asked me 900€. So i'm going to sell it for spare parts or maybe try to modd it and create a hackbook, so what do you think i could do with the case, the lcd, the speakers and maybe the keyboard if is not broken as the service said of my dead macbook?

Actually I have only one idea: the 17" led lcd is awesome so i could use it as a monitor, in fact I have yet succeed in making an external monitor from a laptop ( in the photo is the third from left).


i need a LVDS controller and on ebay there are some, also for the lcd of the macbook that is a LP171WU6-TLA1


for example do you think that this could work?



in my opinion is too big because I would like to hide it inside the macbook and use the magsafe modded with an adaptor to 12V


or what do you think I could build with my macbook?

I will sell the ram, the fried logic board but i think the lcd, superdrive, wi-fi and bluetooth and other parts I could recycle in a modding project.


thank you in advance for help and any suggestions.




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Depending on your residence, which you don´t tell, have you asked at a common notebook repair service, how much there is the fee for a repair? The service of Apple premium resellers is overpriced.

Even Stevie has told at his life time, if I am correct, that he would like all people, which are buying the very cheap produced hardware for an by far overpriced amount.


I think, that your MBP has been to expensive to disassemble it in it´s parts.


Have fun.

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What exactly is broken on the MacBook? If you're going as far as to disassemble the thing it might be worth a try to repair it yourself depending on what the problem is.

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