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My bootloader is screwed up

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EDIT: I apologize for posting in the wrong section i just read the rules, I guess i wrongly assumed you could ask questions here because everyone else seemed to be :(


A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this site after i ran into some issues with my dual boot system. Im new to the hackintosh scene and this is my first go at an install


I have 

AMD FX 4130 

gtx 660 2gb



I have windows 7 installed on a SSD, I have maverick installed on a partition on my HDD 


When my bios trys to boot off of either of these drives it returns an error. I am able to boot into both OSs by forcing my bios to boot chameleon off a flash drive.


I have chameleon installed on the OSX "EFI"? partition (i have also tried installing it on the normal partition as well with no luck) , im not quite sure where to go from here. What do you guys suggest i do?


thanks in advanced

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hmm, i got windows to boot again, but i do not have internet access on the hackintosh side yet. I do not have a compatible wifi adapter and i can't run wired for atleast a week. (i was going to stick to windows till i was able too)


is there any other way to patch the mbr?


Edit: i just realised it was not downloading the patch my mistake, 

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Need a bit more information....


Did you install Windows 7 in UEFI mode on GPT/GUID disk or legacy mode on an MBR partitioned hard drive?  If it is legacy, you will have a "System Reserved" partition showing in the "Disk Management" window while it will show an "EFI" partition for UEFI windows.


Can you open terminal in OSX and post the output of

diskutil list

I also recommend you have a look at the dual booting section in @pokenguyen's AIO guides.

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