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Hey guys! Today I have a guide on fixing the "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." error.


This applies ONLY to clover. There are fixes all over youtube about the same issue on chameleon branches.


Step 1. Download the file: HERE


Step 2. Open the downloaded EFI Studio App




Step 3. Go to "Select Device" and choose "Ethernet"




Step 4. Click "Add Device" grab the window that popped up.




Step 5. On that window, click on "write to com.apple.Boot.plist"


Step 6. Enter your admin password and let it sit for a few seconds and then close the EFI Studio application.


There! Your set! Now remember, if that didn't fix it, use steps 7-10  (Note: When doing steps 7-10 you must STILL DO THE ABOVE METHOD)





(No harm if you do this, just why waste time if it's already working?)


Step 7. Download Clover Configurator: HERE


Step 8: Open clover configurator and mount the boot drive.(If needed)


Step 9: Go to the ACPI tab


Step 10: Check FixLAN under fixes


Now your set! This guide is only for those on clover boot loader using Ethernet

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I used chameleonlist in Maverick to change sbios to Mac pro 3.1. 

I recommend that  members restore a Maverick img to a usb harddrive to use to modify.

I have Maverick running fine from 250g yalway usb. 

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I closely followed this and also changed my Ethernet to en0 with no result... I have seen another post with to change board numbers but cant find it anymore...


any other suggestions???? 

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idk what you did to the uploaded files but, the extract as a folder called "contents" ass if someone opened up the actual .app file. they ca not be renamed to .app

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