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Finished my Hack recently. Still needs a bit of audio tweaking though. Everything else is fully compatible  ;)


Mobo: Intel DH61HO----------$40 from starmicroinc.net (sale) :2cents:


CPU: Intel Core i3 3220 @ 3.3GHz----------$85 from Amazon (sale) :2cents:


GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 610----------$40 from Amazon


HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500GB SATA III 7200RPM----------$40 from Amazon (sale) :2cents:


RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu (4GBx2)----------$65 from Newegg


CD Drive: DR349 DH-48N1S Dell Phillips----------$10 from Amazon


Wireless Adapter: TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Dual Band N900----------$40 from Amazon


Monitor: HP 18.5" Wide 1366x768----------$80 from Amazon (sale) :2cents:


Case: Antec VSK4000E----------$45 from Amazon


Total Price: $445 (rounded) :sorcerer:



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    • By xcrash
      Hi, first sorry for mi english my native languaje is spanish.
      I Have one problem with Intel HD 3000 video card, I installed iATKOS L2/Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 and I updated to 10.7.4 and I tested with kext and I have the same problem.
      DRMStatus and SNB Fail If I delete this kext "AppleIntelHD" and "AppleIntelSNB" I can boot without QE/CI.
      Any idea?
    • By xcrash
      Hi, first sorry for my english my native languaje is Spanish.
      I have 2 problems
      1. When Lion finish install and reboot I have a "Kernel Panic" but apparently Lion install correctly
      2. When the first boot I have these problems

      DRMStatus: iTunes/Apple Store Content Access Problem. Content playback may be disabled on this computer. You can Continue to use the machine, but you should contact an Apple support representative. ErrorCode: 8877652 Airport: Link Down on en0. Reason 1 (Unspecified) 96.963243: setWOW_PARAMETERS:wowevents=2(1) SNB Framebuffer did not show up, unload
      And system hangs
      I have a couple of days testing and I can not solve this problem
      My computer:
      CPU: Intel Core i3-2350M @ 2.30 GHz
      GPU: Intel HD 3000
      RAM: 4096MB DRR3
      WLAN: Atheros AR5B93
      Thanks for your help
    • By DragoonWraith
      OK, so I installed Lion with iATKOS L1, following the instructions here.
      With AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext (and related files, see below*) installed, which I believe iATKOS did at my request, the computer could only boot in Safe Mode (and then, obviously, it was not getting graphics support).
      If I remove these kext files and use the repair utility in Kext Wizard, the computer boots up fine, except again there is no graphics support. So now I want to fix this issue, and get these kexts working correctly.
      Is it worthwhile to download AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext from the Internet and try to install that copy? I tend to assume that all copies of it are going to be the same thing, but I could be wrong. Or does something more involved have to be done?
      For reference, the last few lines I get from the verbose printout when AppleIntelHDGraphics.kext is installed are as follows.

      BSD root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 1 Kernel is LP64 com.apple.launchd 1 com.apple.launchd 1 *** launchd[1] has started up. *** com.apple.launchd 1 com.apple.launchd 1 *** Verbose boot, will log to /dev/console. *** Running fsck on the boot volume... ** /dev/rdisk0s2 (NO WRITE) ** Root file system Executing fsck_hfs (version diskdev_cmds-540.1~34) BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCaches/PreheatedUser/Merged.playlist: 2 No such file or directory BootCacheControl: Unable to open /var/db/BootCaches/PreheatedUser/Login.playlist: 2 No such file or directory macx_swapon SUCCESS Waiting for DSMOS... nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2 nstat_lookup_entry failed: 2 Previous Shutdown Cause: 3 DSMOS has arrived ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::startForReal - waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement) timed out Transcript Offline - Buffer Pool Allocate [181000] failed █ At which point it hangs
      Computer details:
      Intel Core i3-2330M
      Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics

      (these are the things I know are useful information; if more is necessary I can provide, just let me know what's actually relevant)
      * I also removed files from S/L/E that seemed related to the HD Graphics. A full list:

      Also, I removed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext, since those were giving that timed out message at the end of the verbose print-out. Fixing those would also be good, but that's another issue (and there are other similar things I want working, like the ethernet card. But first things first).