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It seems your SSD is not recognized as such... Is SATA mode configured to AHCI in BIOS? I would bet money on it being set to ATA/IDE mode. SSD are only fully supported under AHCI mode.


You should see something like this with TRIM Support set to Yes or No:



Manual bin mod (patch) is fully detailed on p1 of this very thread. You may also use a hex editor (such as 0xED for instance) and edit the binary file found in MacOS subfolder of the IOAHCIBlocStorage kext, where you replace the 1st instance of "APPLE SSD" as follows:


00 41 50 50 4C 45 20 53 53 44 00     -> = ". A P P L E   S S D ."


00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00     -> = ". . . . . . . . . . ."


Edit: I confirm my initial suspicion; I just set my laptop's SATA mode to ATA and I too get:

1) protocol set to ata

2) no SSD type reported

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Well, strange thing is according to MB manual as well as Windows on the same machine my controller is set in AHCI mode. AHCI works in Windows for me and some info apps for Windows recognized my disk as SSD. Is there any way to force AHCI mode during OSX boot?

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Well there you are, look no further... Your only hope would be to force SATA mode to AHCI through DSDT patching. Some have tried but very few (if not none) have actually succeeded. I myself have failed on my ICH7-M based Dell Latitude D620 laptop. Same with an ICH7-based Dell Optiplex 745 desktop. It just wouldn't work at all. Seems to be an Apple limitation. You can look it up on the web and search the topic(s) on this forum.


You might as well replace your SSD by a plain old HDD; it's kind of wasted with OS X here...

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Yeah thank you for your answers. At least I now know what is a problem. I'll continue to use SSD this way because it's much faster anyway than using a HDD. But at least I can start think about changing MB and CPU and keep everything else. 



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Hopefully this isn't too much of a necro, but wanted to share that this is working on the ICH10 southbridge using the Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

I used the Clover on the fly patching method and I'm also running OS X 10.11.5


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Guest jonatrapezita



With sudo trimforce enable my two Samsung EVO works fine.


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Hi guys,

Today I have enabled trim in my ssd using sudo trimforce enable and had my first freeze playing a video in safari, how I disable the trim again?

Thanks in advance

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