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installation trouble for dell vostro 3360

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Hi everyone


I have been trying to install mavericks on my dell vostro 3360 

Core i5 3317u




I succeeded to create a bootloader (which was a PITA with securecore) and tried the installer but i came to a point where the installer refuses to go any further: was able to see the log of the installer but nothing more


I use the following kext in clover




-GenericUSBXHCI (only 2 USB 3.0 port)



most of the hardware should be compatible except the wireless card but i will eventually swap it if i succeed installing mavericks


Here is the log of the installer if someone wants to have a look and help me, it would be much appreciated


Thanks a lot



PS: it is not my first hackintosh so i am familliar with most of terms

Installer Log 17-May-2014.txt

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What you can't install ?Did you try to boot with verbose mode and see for errors?



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well I prepared my flash drive and tried to boot on it (I have to use 2 flash drives because of my BIOS restriction)


On the first one I have Clover on FAT32 drive

The second on has the retail installer


I can successfully boot clover and i can also point to the installer, and when I start the installer I obtain the previous log that says I cant go further with the installer.

I tried -v but didnt see anything that can help me.


I have two things that I can see though:


-Smc roll back to another version 

-erp timer fail (something equivalent)

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I did a new installer and it solved my problem I think my installer was the problem


Now I am trying to enable my keyboard and trackpad in mavericsk


VoodooPS2 should be the solution right ?

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