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Mavericks. Safe upgrade for musicians?

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I'm running Mountain Lion 10.8.5 with no issues, everything is running smooth and fine.
I make music with Live 9 and Reason in rewire, with a Motu Audio Express audio card (via USB). 
Now, here's my question: 
How many of you guys are running Mavericks?
Did you experience any issues with AUs, VSTs or more generally with your DAW?

I tried Mavericks several months ago when it was still in version 10.9.0 and it hadn't satisfied me in terms of speed and performance (and I also had some crashes with Ableton).
I'm wondering if it's worth to upgrade my system to Mavericks, now that it will be updated to 10.9.3.
Thank You

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Focusrite didn't have a working Mavericks driver for the Saffire 6 USB until March 2014 - first dev preview of Mavericks came out in June 2013. It took them 9 months to deliver a working driver!


Either Focusrite only have a single programmer who has to write all the drivers for their whole range of audio interfaces, or Apple did some serious changes to USB between Mountain Lion and Mavericks.


So If your USB audio interface requires a driver to work on OS X I'd double check with the manufacturer that there are no issues with Mavericks.

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