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Callisto install question

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From Callisto install instructions:

If your DFP monitor is detected as CRT by the driver, you can try to hard-code the EDID string of your monitor. Use the Monitor Asset Manager (or any other way) to retrieve your 128 byte HEX value string. When using MAM, you only need the actual hex values do not include line numbers (00:, 10:, 20:, etc).


I have installed Callisto Build 008 on my system. It helped with the resolution on my IBM P72 (17" CRT) monitor and Diamond Stealth Radeon 9250 video card. My problem is, I can't get the specific 128 byte monitor string and had to retain the values in the Callisto Info.plist which are for a 20" LCD display.


The Callisto install instructions reference a program called "Monitor Asset Manager". I went to get a copy and found it was for Winxx systems. Problem is, I don't have Winxx on this system - only OSX-86 10.4.8.


Does anyone know of a program that runs on Intel-OSX that will retrieve the monitor data?


TIA for any help!

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