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Can someone give me an update?


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hey people,


it's been a while since i've been around these forums (nice new layout, btw!) and i was wondering if one of you would be so kind to give me a little update what has happened during the last few month.


the last installation i tried was 10.4.5 as far as i remember.


is there finally a chance to install osx on an athlon64 3000+, 1024MB, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro, Realtek Audio and Network without big problems? the last time i tried it was running really slow, crashing constantly and running at a very low screen resolution with no sound. meanwhile i got myself a 19" Wide TFT so i'd love to know if a 1440x900 resolution is possible at all.


sorry for not searching, but these are so many questions and i just thought someone who is around every day could help me out with this.


thanks a lot!

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Well it should work very well with your PC. I have almost the same specs as you.


I installed 10.4.4 + .5 update from Myzar.


- No problem with your Athlon cpu wich is sse2

- Your Radeon video card should be supported, but if you have an nForce chipset you're going to need further configuration.


- You can use Callisto to enable resolution changes.


Not a lot has changed in the last few months though...


If you need help to configure your OSx86 box, just ask.

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