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Help me to install Mac OS X 10.8 on ASUS N56JR

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Hi all! I made this new thread to get helped trought the installation of Mac Os X 10.8 (iNiresh) on my laptop. Here's some specs:


Asus N56JR-4023p

Intel Core i7 4700HQ

8 GB of ram

750GB hdd

Nvidia Geforce GTX760M (2gb vram)

Atheros Wireless Chip (with bluetooth)


Notes: I have Secure Boot enabled and UEFI bootloader. I Installed Windows 8.1. 


I'd like to triple boot Ubuntu 13.10-Mac Os X 10.8-Windows 8.1.... without losing windows data! 


Can you help me? Or just link me to some guides? Thanks!

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the page you linked is related to Mac Os X 10.9 (mavericks) but i'd like to install 10.8 since i already have Niresh OS X dvd. You helped me some months ago to install it on another laptop. Can you help me again, with my new laptop? 


I don't need Nvidia GTX working, just Intel HD graphics 4000!

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the problem  related  in that topic is the same ..


but if u install the system .. the hd 4000 is u minor problem..


so install the system.. and after we talk about the pos installation


good hack

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I too have n56jr. I have managed to install 10.9.0 (and upgrade to 10.9.2) but only with chameleon not with clover uefi. Also, I use a patched Haswell kernel. To boot the installer I had to delete all NV*.kext from the /S/L/E of the install usb.


Got working: touch pad, ehernet/Apple store (RealtekRTL8111), keyboard,audio (VoodooHDA),display in VGA mode (i had to remove all AppleIntelHD3/4/5*.kext  and NV*.kext to be able to boot).


Not working: AirPort (got Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 buried somewhere deep in the laptop chassis), Intel Graphics HD 4600M (and of course GeForce GTX 760M).


What has to be done:

1. Boot and install OS X with Clover UEFI (I want a dual boot laptop). So far, clover fails at loading graphics - seams like it is trying lo load NVidia kexts no matter what is in config.plist. I have tried to create a DSDT of n56jr using all available tools and methods but the extracted ACPI file fails to compile (there is a sequence of zeros in the file).

2. Enable integrated graphics HD 4600M (80860416) as stated above i cannot patch it in DSDT only tried boot option IGPlatformID.


Any guru help will be appreciated.



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