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AMD Video BIOS Disassembler


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There is an utility to analyze Radeon Video Bios



My compilation for OSX




./atomdis c0000.bin F >bios_info.txt


where c0000.bin is an BIOS image obtained by Clover with F6.



I expected someone found this utility useful.



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For my GA Radeon HD6670 I found the follow in my dump

  0019:  ATOM_PPLIB_THERMALCONTROLLER sThermalController     :
    0019:  UCHAR ucType                                        = 0x0c       (12)
    001a:  UCHAR ucI2cLine                                     = 0x00       (0)
    001b:  UCHAR ucI2cAddress                                  = 0x00       (0)
    001c:  UCHAR ucFanParameters                               = 0x00       (0)
    001d:  UCHAR ucFanMinRPM                                   = 0x00       (0)
    001e:  UCHAR ucFanMaxRPM                                   = 0x00       (0)
    001f:  UCHAR ucReserved                                    = 0x00       (0)
    0020:  UCHAR ucFlags                                       = 0x00       (0)


And as I see it doesn't contain Fan control.  :(

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