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Asus N56JR hackintoshed Mavericks 10.9.1 (dual boot Windows 8 UEFI)


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my first hackintosh. Could be useful for someone else.


Asus N56JR S4029H has an i7 4700HQ + HD4600 with optimus GTX760M.

Windows is preinstalled on a GUID/GPT partition (+ some  others for recoveries)


I first installed a Snow Leopard on VirtualBox to get an OSX environment. (couldn’t get Mavericks working, the iso need a patched kernel)


So I first booted virtualbox with #####-Haswell.iso, to boot then the SnowLeopard 10A432 UserDVD and install it.


What failed ( was supposed to be the easiests ways):

- ##### or myHack in VirtualBox.

- Patch the asus bios with PMPatch.


What worked : Vanilla installation !

Helped by this topic :http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/


- Use Disk Utility to format and restore the Install OSX Mavericks.app on the key.

- Replace Packages symlink with the real folder next to BaseSystem.dmg

+ Put FakeSMC and VoodooPS2 kexts in /S/L/E

+ Remove NV*.kext

+ Put mach_kernel in the root (patched version of the kernel, needed for mavericks/haswell)

- Install Chameleon package

- with the Wizard, generate a macbookpro9.2 SMBios and save in /Extra of the USB key


The usb can be boot with -v -f IntelAzulFB=11 and the installation works.


To boot the installed system, repeat operations marked + on the fresh install from the terminal of the installer.


To dual boot, I followed this tutorial :

Dual-booting Windows 8 and Mountain Lion natively using EFI at insideTheAsylum


I use Clover usb for the moment, gonna install it the HD soon.

Clover usb : http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-5


To install it :




Feel free to ask questions or give feedback.




I got audio working.

Still trying to have app store.


EDIT 2 : 

Got appstore working by installing rtl8111 kext

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Hey, I too have the Asus N56JR and was wondering if you recommend me "hackintoshing" this laptop.... Are you able to benefit from all the features the laptop has to offer? If not, what features are not working at the moment? Does the amount of work you put in to make this a hackintosh worthwhile to the usability? Thanks in advance!

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