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Boot0 error Command help!

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I'm currently getting the Boot0 GPT, Boot0 Test, Boot0 Test, Boot0 error issue when I try to launch Mavericks from my SSD.


(It does launch if I leave the Niresh usb in because it gives me the two launch options (Niresh-usb or SSD) )


I've followed a few tutorials without success and was looking for a bit of help.


I've transferred the i386 folder to a seperate USB (Untitled 1) so that now contains the 4 files (boot, boot0, boot0md, boot1h)


I launch the Niresh usb, bring up the disk utility and unmount the SSD drive


I then launch the terminal and list all the drives and get this:




I the type in cd /Volumes/"Untitled 1"


But I'm a little confused as to what command I should run next??


Any help would be great!

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after you used: cd /Volumes/"Untitled 1"


run this: ls

you should see, the file "boot1h"

now run this: dd if=boot1h of=/dev/diskXsY bs=4096


Note: "X" and "Y", represents the number of the partition on your HD

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