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Gigabyte GA-z77x-ud3h and USB


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i Folks

Gone thru the hackintosh building with this motherboard without any major trouble.

My system is conformed by ga-z77x-ud3h, Gigabyte 9600GT (which works just enabling the"GraphicsEnabler" flag for chameleon), an i5 3330 and a samsung 840Pro series which is getting reported as trim enabled after using the trim patch enabler.

Originally installed 10.9.1, DSDT free and then also enabling "Graphics Enabler", voodoo sound for via, and Atheros ethernet. Everything installed and working as expected, sleep, sound, graphics, trim... but even if my usb ports are reporting High Speed in the system information the real speed is very slow and i can't figure out why. (it takes around 5 minutes for copying the combo update file which is less than 1GB, to a HFS+ formatted pendrive)


Also, when it comes back from sleep it tells me that the UBS devices were not ejected properly, and they are actually still plugged in, which show that something is wrong in the usb support.

I upgraded to 10.9.2 using the combo update just to see if the process could be done with problems as i already knew this installation was already messed up because the usb issue and didn't matter if the update breaks it. Surprisingly no problems there and which is more i didn't have to reinstall one single driver again

Can anyone please give me any hint for the usb?

Thank you in advance

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