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os x maverick lenovo z580

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Salve. A tutti. Ho un problema è sarei grato se qualcuno mi aiutasse a risolverlo . Voglio installare os  x  Maverick  sul mio idepad z580 della lenovo in 2.2 Ghz con Boost fino a 3.2ghz. 8 Gb ram 500 Gb hd. Scheda grafica n video la geforce hd 4000. Dopo aver fatto la usb boot la faccio partire e dopo il logo della Apple con la rotella di caricamento che gira lo schermo diventa tutto nero e finisce lì.  Aiuto oooooo.  Mi serve anche per lavoro quindi vorrei che la mia richiesta venga presa sul serio

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Rimosso riferimento a tool non approvato

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Ciao, leggi le regole su tonymac (i tools di questo individuo e la sua gang non sono supportati).

Devi comunque avviare con -v per capire dove ti si inchioda il boot

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    • By AntonFX
      Salve, qualcuno mi può dire se c'è una vaga possibilità di far funzionare la mia scheda video R9 380X su Maverick ?
      Ho testato sempre con una distro di Maverick reperibile sul Web, e con il mio FX 8320 e la vecchia GPU GeForce GT210 andava, con qualche problema con certi programmi ma il resto andava a dovere.
      Molto mi hanno consigliato di cercare dei ''kext'' che avrebbero fatto andare la parte grafica ma non ho trovato nulla.
      Sapreste aiutarmi? 
      PS: Yosemite/El Capitan/Sierra non riesco più a installarli come si deve, quindi l'unica è Maverick.
    • By MarcelMac
      Dear All
      I am running osx 10.9 on workstation 10 and for some reason I cannot connect my iphone, windows phone or external hard drive to the virtualised Apple OS.
      When I connect the same device to my native OS it seems to work without a problem.
      When I try to connect a device I get an error in the workstation message log:
      "The connection for the usb device "xxxx" was unsuccesful". Further info says "Driver Error"
      Has anyone faced this before or any idea how I can fix this?
      Kind Regards
    • By JahStories
      SurfacePro 1°Gen Files Package V.0.5.1
      This time, thanks to Mirone who patched the kext, we can enjoy higher quality audio, plug auto detection and even more system stability.
      includes only one set of DSDT and SSDT.
      Clover installer have been updated to the latest ver.
      Included Apps:
      Rdm (retina resolution enabler)
      KeyUp (on-screen keyboard)
      Trial touch-base driver
      This Pack is compatible with:
      Maverick from 10.9.0 up to 10.9.4
      Yosemite Both DP and PB every ver. (includes new usbxhci)
      the last step for us is to get the internal wifi to work, but it's still early for it.
      changes from v0.5 to v.0.5.1:
      thanks to user reports, the packnow includes a correct xhci for Maverick and an updated version of Mirone's AppleHDA.
      this is even the first version that includes touch keyboard(KeyUP), retina enabler(RDM) and even trial touch drivers.
      to update from 0.5 to 0.5.1:
      install AppleHDA and EAPDFix.kext from drivers/maverick only/ if you are on 10.9.X
      and from drivers/yosemite only/ if you are on 10.10.X
      to update from 0.4 to 0.5:
      delete applehdadisabler.kext and voodoohda.kext from system/library/extensions
      install applehda.kext with kextdrop from drivers folder.
    • By zoltanpl
      I'm new here. Thanks for your hard work on AMD dev.
      Few question about performance AMD machine.
      My spec is:
      FX 8120@4.125 fsb 250
      Asus m5a99x evo
      SSD + few HDD
      and most important 2x GTX 680 (EVGA 4GB) 
      PCIe: x8 on both
      problems with FSB reading but no impact to work.
      Now i'm using Yosemity 10.10.1 (from yosemite zone). I'm a little bit noob about advanced configuration but i'm able to change required kext and change kernel. Earlier i was using maverick. 
      Performance problems exists in maverick and yosemite (equally same). I change kernels, IO kext and no luck.
      1) performance of opengl is around half of performance on Windows (Cinema benchmark)
      2) CUDA work very well on both gpu (Blender) - simillar or a little bit better than Windows
      3) Most important for me - Apple Motion - Ram preview stuck around 12-14 fps on HD video(but if i remove physically secondary GPU) works ok.
      4) After Effects - oh there are strange things - when playing from ram preview there are few things if i change view in active camera to 100% drop to 11fps, 50% 15-16 fps; 1,5% realtime preview 14fps - it's strange becouse secondary display (mercury preview) display full HD size with full speed (of course if active view is resized to 1,5%) 
      Please Help
      Chrome is also slow in Yosemite in maverick Work ok.
      ahh and playing full HD video by QT or other soft works also ok, even 60 fps.
    • By Solaris82
      Salve ho un grossissimo problema in pratica ho installato maveric'k 10.9.5 come accendo il notebook mi parte un fischio tremento,
      Ho disattivato il microfono in preferenze di sistema, 
      Ho disattivato anche i microfoni su VoodooHDA ma come lo accendo parte questo fischio del microfono finchè non si avvia il sistema del tutto poi si disattiva,
      come devo fare?
      C'è un modo per eliminare i kexts del microfono lasciando però l'audio di uscita?
      Grazie mille