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Mac-ready BIOS for MB ASUS P6TD Deluxe


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Clover/Chameleon does not need any DSDT fixes.

All works perfectly (sleep and etc.)

Tested by several people w/o any issues for some months on Win7, OSx 10.6-10.9

My Ethernet cards patched as Yukon 88E8053 and only two Kexts required (SMC and Audio).




BIOS based on 0608 revision.

00. Slic 2.1 added from ASUS Notebook.

01. P6 Microcode update from ASUS Sabertooth X58 1402 BIOS.

02. Disable Floppy disk support into BIOS menu if it is no into mobo.

03. Disable start Expess Gate by default to escape CEFULL program corruption problem.

04. Set AHCI Storage Configuration by default cause it is TRUE.

05. Fixed DSDT.aml (10.BIN) errors.

06. DSDT: Removed CPUX Aliases and maximum Processors decreased to 12 (top CPUs 980X/990X has 6 cores - 12 threads).

07. DSDT: patched by Clover V2 with dsdt fixes mask 0xFFF7

08. DSDT: restore device SPKR

09. DSDT: AD2000B patch

10. DSDT: _T_x entries renamed

11. DSDT: Device FDC removed

12. DSDT: FGET, TGET, VGET methods fixed

13. DSDT: MUTExs fixes

14. Small OEM logo replaced

15. DSDT: Added OperationRegion (PMRS, SystemIO, 0x0430, One)

16. CPU-STATE, Intel VT-d, ACPI 2.0 Support are enabled for BIOS default settings

17. Full Screen Logo, Bootup Num-Lock are disabled by default

18. Full Screen LOgo Changed

19. DSDT: Renamed devices to Mac specific ones

20. DSDT: Removed all real not referenced Namespace objects

21. DSDT: Added "Yukon Gigabit Adapter 88E8053 Singleport Copper SA" device model descfiption for GIGE

22. DSDT: Control Methods Serialized with iasl's remark suggestions

23. DSDT: OOSI methods removed

24. DSDT: Fixed "Effective AML package length is zero" remarks

25. DSDT: Added Windows 2012 and Darwin sections


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It's been a while, and I resurrected this mobo with my Bloomfield i7-950. System is running very well with Sierra 10.12.5 with this custom bios, however, do I need to place my native DSDT/SSDT in my Clover ACPI folder, or is that not necessary at all? Thanks very much. 

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with a modded bios you shouldnt need clover just a bootable os


In creating a vanilla installation of Sierra 10.12.5, the system will not boot without Clover using this modded bios. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance. 

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