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7970 mysteries in 10.9.2.

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Hey there! I've got 2 monitors, one @ 2560x1440 using the mini-DP out and another one @ 1024x1080 using the DVI out.


I'm glad they fixed it :D


Great! Thanks for the info. :)


How OSX recognize you card? ATI 7xxx or 7970?

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Problem solved with 10.9.3 beta. No framebuffer inject need, no unplug trick, all ports @ 7970 working. 2000+ luxmark.

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Just seen this, I got 1645 with the Sapphire 7950 Mac edition also on 10.9.3


Also connected via mini display port, using generic plug and play out of the box install, no editing




PS - how is your HDMI output ?


Great 30bit picture on  Dreamcolor via Displayport but the fonts on HDMI are oversharp , DVI is good but only 24 bit


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I have the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 6GB edition. 
but i cant boot without safe mode. 
in safe mode the graphics card is recorgnised as ATi Radeon HD 7xxx Series 6144MB (a huge difference with ML which only saw 3 GB of it :P )

Im trying to install my system on 10.9.4.
Important detail is btw that my system is a dualboot, so i refuse to use the onboard graphics first since i have none and i want to be able to return to my bios if needed.

as soon as i boot without safe, the system get stuck at a certain point RIGHT before entering the GUI. 
and with GE=Yes it instantly crashes.

can anyone help me, the videocard was shown as ATI Tahiti chipset in ML 10.8.4

Many thnx in advance.



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