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Upgraded Mac Mini 1,1 (Late 2007) with OSX >=10.6?

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Hi there :)

I recently got an old macmini1,1 from a friend and installed an Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 with 2,33GHz into it. It also has 2GB of RAM. I currently run OS X 10.5 and since you can't really do anything with this outdated OS I'd like to have any version AT LEAST >=10.6. My Question now is: Is there any possibility and if so, how?




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You can even run Mountain Lion with MLPostFactor


Have nice time with that. I would actually do the same to my Mac mini Late 2006, but no money left...

BTW, your mini is also Late 2006 or it is Early 2006. You can upgrade firmware to macmini2.1 and install 4Gb RAM,

but please don't ask how. I have seen these builds at finnish apple forum, hopeinenomena.net

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Wierdly enough theres no information on the macmini2,1 EFI updates on apples website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1237.
There seems to be the possibility of putting the mini into Target mode and then installing Lion via another compatible Mac over FireWire. Removing /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist on the drive should let the mini boot Lion. http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/mac_mini_core_2_duo_swaps.html. I'm gonna stick around with the firmware-updtae-thingy, or do you think If I could really install Lion via Target mode I shouldn't consider the Firmware update? Are there any other advantages of having a newer EFI?

Ok. this is how it goes down:


1: Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/lfangrn69rxln3q/Archive.zip and extract

2: Copy the two files "EFIUpdaterApp.efi" and "LOCKED_MM11_0055_08B.fd" to "/System/Library/CoreServices/Firmware Updates"

3: dann im Terminal: "sudo bless -mount / -firmware /System/Library/CoreServices/Firmware\ Updates/EFIUpdaterApp.efi -payload /System/Library/CoreServices/Firmware\ Updates/LOCKED_MM11_0055_08B.fd -options "-x efi-apple-payload0-data" --verbose" The Last output has to be "Executing "/sbin/umount"

Returned 0"!!!

4: Shut down Mac

5: Hold the Power Button for about 4-5 seconds. A screen will appear and flash the new Firmware to macmini2,1

6: Lay back, enjoy  :thumbsup_anim: 

I downloaded MLPostFactor but when I try to run the .app i get an error saying I cant run this on my OS X Version. Any clue on how to bypass this?

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You need to get ml installer, then make a disk out of it. It must be 10.8.4 or below. No support for 10.8.5 yet... Check google for: How to use MLPOSTFACTOR...

Lion install is not easy on these machines also... Check google for that...

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I have a Mac mini early 2006 that I began to day with a core2duo T5600 but it stops at 10.7 Lion DP1 10.8 i386 and i386 ML, then it is no longer possible because the following versions are x86_64 and kext (ext kernel) of the GMA 950 of this model no longer exists in ML 10.8 and 10.9 Maveriks.

it works fine under Lion 10.7  ;)

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the problem is the MacMini GMA 950, the kernel extension 12.0 10.8 ML does not exist and is simply Mountain Lion 10.7 x86_64 unlike which is i386 and x86_64, firmware 32 bit will not work, I tried.


le problème du Macmini est la GMA 950 , l'extension kernel 12.0 ML 10.8 n'existe pas et Mountain est simplement x86_64 contrairement à Lion 10.7 qui est i386 et x86_64 , le firmware 32 bit ne fonctionnera pas , j'ai déjà essayé . 

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@gils83 is right. Therefore it is very unlikely that you will be able to run Mavericks off those machines since it won't load the unofficial 64 bit GMA950 kext (apple once delivered in some build), and even if you go through all that struggle (which I think is unnecessary: Why Mavericks?) a lot of thinks still won't work. But I went fine with the "Mountain Lion 10.8.5.app" and MLPFv0.3. Even though I had to tell MLPF I'm trying to install 10.8.4 since it's not officially supported, but it seems to run just fine with my configuration. ML boots in 32bit mode and is therefor able to load the GMA950 kext from 10.7.4 (or whatever) :)

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If Mountain Lion is working for you then staying there is probably your best option imho.    I'm running Mavericks on an (early 2006) Mac mini 1,1 upgraded to 2,1 w/a T7600 and with the kexts from Snow Leopard I can see webpages etc OK but videos are a problem at best.   Right now I'm using bootcamp to watch video via Windows7

Experimenting with an external GPU going through the Mini's mPCIe port (airport card removed) - but that's another story.   

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Mini firmware updated succesfully to 2,1 :lol:


You guys needn't touch your firmware, all you need is the 64bit cpu and this




If you want to have 4Gb ram instead of the 2 max allowed by 1,1 firmware, you'll have to update the firmware...........

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