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Attempting Mavericks in Samsung NP550P5C

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i'm trying to install mavericks on my samsung np550p5c-s051n



I'm trying to install mac from very long time. This is first time creating forum for help otherwise i was just following others forums. 


i've tried #####, vanilla install but still no luck. So need little help.



problems i'm facing


#####: For ##### i'm following takeawaydave's forum, here is the link:




but got this error: 


system nanotime after this screen stuck and nothing happened. almost try every bootflags but still no luck.



Vanilla Installion: 


so i was trying one of Guide provided by insanelymac here is the link:





By this method still no luck. Errors errors errors.



Another attemp:


Then i do more digging. and do vanilla and takeawaydave's files combined to make hackintosh.


These are the steps i've taken:


First mount my installesd.dmg and basesystem.dmg


then restore basesystem.dmg to usb


Then del packeges link and replace it with installesd.dmg packeges folder


copy mach_kernel to usb root provided by insanelymac forum(link provided earlier)


then install chameleon boot-loader to my usb create extra folder and put smbios.plist for macbookpro9,1 and org.chameleon.boot.plist from takeawaydave's forums


i also copy his laptop dsdt.aml bcoz most of configurations of our laptops are same and kext provided by him in his forums


then something great happened. my usb get to mavericks installer without any flag graphics looks not proper but i've tried installing


everything is going great but got an error when 2 mins left.



So now here i am. please help me with this.

Laptop Full Model Name: NP550P5C-S05IN


Processor: Core i7 (3rd Gen) 3630QM 2.4 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 3.4 GHz Cache 6 MB
MEMORY: 2* Corsair DDR3 4 GB Laptop RAM (CMSO4GX3M1A1333C9) (Total 8gb)
STORAGE: Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB
Screen Size 15.6 inch
Resolution 1600 x 900 Pixel
Graphic Processor: Intel HD4000 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB DDR3 (Optimus Technology)
Wireless WAN: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235

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Ok, make a Vanilla USBInstaller with the app DiskMaker x , google it, put DiskMaker x and  your app Mavericks in folder Applications of your Virtual Machine Mountain LION 10.8, run the app DiskMaker x ,   then make your USBInstaller, when you have the USBInstaller ok ,  send me PM and I make a folder Extra to your Hardware.


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Ok, here a Extra folder to your hardware, unzip and copy to root of your USBInstaller, then boot and install, report back







Edit: sory, I forget, Install Chameleon boot loader to your USB, install all default as marked

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I've tried both ways. Boot flags are not working. Same restarting problem.


Then I've tried to remove mach_kernel and try to boot with mach_kernel/ flag here I am unable to add /

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open the org.boot.plist and quit DeviceProperties, delete this string, and delete all Graphics kexts from your USBinstaller and try again, go to the chat and we talk about it, where you remove the kernel ? the flag need a space, not this mach_kernel/  the corect form is mach_kernel /, respect the space in the boot flags or not work



try this flag        cpus=1 -x -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x3000

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I've tried hack install as you mentioned in chat.

Successfully install in USB

Successfully boot and install in my laptop.


But after this I'm unable to boot my HDR even my USB installer.


Getting error while booting my USB installer



Error : still waiting for root device.

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ok, try this kexts, put to Extra/Extensions from your UBSInstaller, then boot with this flag          -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=0 npci=0x3000





Still waiting.zip

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Problem I'm facing is, successfully install mavericks to my hdd.


But when restart system is unable to find my hdd.


Then If I try to boot from USB then it shows waiting for root device.


If I format my hdd partitions with Linux live CDs then same USB boot up and ready to install mavericks.



So any suggestions.?

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Need more little help properly installed mavericks by following boot flag


-x -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000


Now Able to boot my Mac installed partition with same boot flags


Now please help me to do proper post installion.


Thanks in advance.

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