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vincent cimo

Is My Hackintosh Destroying USB Devices?

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Hi all,

I'm having a serious issue that I believe is attributed to my Hackintosh. I run a small music studio, using the Hackintosh as the primary computer. To convert audio signals into digital form, we use a very expensive (around $3000) analog to digital conversion unit that is connected through USB.

About two weeks ago, the unit started experiencing random dropouts and noise while connected to the Hackintosh. As a test, I connected the unit to a real mac, and the operation seemed to be rock solid. About a week later (after operating with the Hackintosh),the A/D converter started outputting an awful high pitched noise upon powerup, even with the computer powered down. It was toast. I sent it in for repair and got a new one, thinking that the unit was flawed. Well, guess what, my new unit is starting to experience the same symptoms. 

I'm wondering if it's possible for the Hackintosh to be under or overpowering the unit through USB because of a kext mismatch. I've already resolved to drop the extra $ and buy a real mac, but I'm not sure if I should even keep running the studio at all on the Hackintosh.

As a side note:

Before this current A/D, I used a firewire device (with a different motherboard + cpu [Asus P5e]). The firewire device also crashed and burned and I went through two replacements before I bought a PCI Firewire card, which has been rock solid.

So. Do I just have really bad luck with A/D converters, or is my motherboard outputting dangerous voltages?

My specs:

Asus P6X58D w/ i7 2.66ghz, 4gb Ram running Mac OS 10.8.5 (seemingly smooth). Geforce 650 1gb.

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the voltage and current are controlled from PSU, is not possible change that, if change of 5v your PSU is bad.

motherboard controlling 500ma output.


see in your bios.



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Hmm voltages in bios looked correct. I ended up buying an iMac and the problems are gone. I just can't take the risk. After a lot of testing, I think I can safely say that the problem was caused by the Hackintosh. Most likely a faulty PSU or bad Kext compatibility issue.

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