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have already built one hackintosh, I Now I am building a second one, but with different parts, (for a friend who got got his parts using the lists on tonymac) the specs of this new built are as follows:

Motherboard: GA-H87-D3H
Graphics: Internal graphics
CPU: Intel Core i5-4430
Harddrives: SanDIsk Extreme ssd 120 gb (system drive) AND one 1 tb harddisk for other files
Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8 gb


I decided to install mavericks because it seemed for what I read that it would work fine, and so I did. Installation went very smooth, no bootflags at all necessary, just pop  and install. Everything works fine, except that it randomly freezes, sometimes it takes a long time before it freezes, sometimes soon after starting to work with it. The only pattern I have found is when try to install adobe Creative suite (and I assume other large programs, I havent really tried installing any other until I solve the issue), it always freezes, but it also freezes at other points, with no apparent pattern.

Because of this problem i thought it would be a mavericks issue, and so I decided to install mountain lion on it 10.8.5, thinking that since it was the OS I use on mine, it would be more stable (mine has 10.8.5 and has been awesome-ly stable)
TO my surprise, the same thing happened on Mountain lion 10.8.5: random freezes. I decided then to install mavericks since it was a lot easier and installed smoothly (installing 10.8.5 required bootflags and wasnt as smooth) and since I figured it wasn't mavericks causing the issue (otherwise I wouldnt get the same problem with mountain lion I figured)

I have read some posts, but havent been able to find a solution, I really appreciate the help!! and I really hope someone can give me some answer...

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