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secondary hard drive on w520

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I have iAtkos ML2 installed on my w520. I partitioned my primary ssd with Paragon disk manager so I still have my Win 7 installed, while having OS X on the second partition.  Surprisingly it works fine (besides that I have to boot with -x every time and have no sound, but it works and I'm don't care about sound right now).  I use my secondary drive bay to house my storage hdd, which of course is formatted NTFS.  Whenever I'm in OS X, it sees the drive in Disk Utility, however it will not mount it.  It tells me to run first-aid on it .  So I verified the disk, which told me to run repair.  Repair disk finished, but it still will not let me mount the drive.  Any ideas on what I need to do to get this drive to mount.  It would be wicked to be able to access the data on that drive when I'm on the windows side and OS X side.  

thanks for any help.

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I've now realized that I can only read disk that are formatted HFS .  I've tried several hard drives both sata and usb, as well as some flash drives.  None of them are readable in OS X unless I format HFS.  I have tried both formatting in Windows using Paragon Disk manager and in Mac OS.  I can't even mount Fat32 in OS X.  Disk utility always sees the drives, but always gives me an error when I try to mount.
frustrating :/  

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ok.  I'm pretty sure that I cannot boot any NTFS volumes because I have to boot in safe boot.  So my next venture is to get out of living in safe boot.


FYI. For those newbies like me that may be searching.  You cannot mount an NTFS volume in OS X when booting with safe boot (-x).  I finally got out of having to boot with -x by adding the tag 'dart=0'.  I can now boot with no problem.  Still have no sound, but feels good to boot normal.

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