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Dell xps 17 l702x i5


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Hi all new in here

My system specs are

Dell xps 17 l702x i5 2450m a19 bios

8gb 1600mhz ram

1gb intel 3000

1gb nvidia 550m

250 ssd and 500hd


Ive split the 500 into 2 during setup left ssd booting windows 8

I've managed to install and try iatkos l2 & ml2

Both install fine but on first boot just goes to black screen!??


Ml2 install I disabled nvidia in setup

In l2 I've taken all graphics out in windows but both still end up just black screen


Tried -x -v can't see any errors will not boot to GUI


Any ideas

Can't seem to find much to download for the xps i5 seems all the dsdt are for i7

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You have a good hardware, but... make a hack with disto(iDeneb,iPC...)is waste time to you and to who help you....
You will never get a hack with 99% with distro

A gave to you a retail solution to install and use via PM

If you want i can help you.

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re copied image to usb stick and will try install again


I did get to the install screen, had to plug in usb mouse


used disk utility to sort my drive out then it started to install


but at the very end it said installation failed due to error but didn't state what error and to click restart



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Re done the USB stick


Booted using clover because holding 1 on boot doesn't do anything


Added screen img

It did eventually after 10 mins boot into GUI so I started installation but same again at the end get this message

Tried the hd with -v but gets upto missing Bluetooth control hangs there for 10 mins and just re boots to clover




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failed again on both settings regarding ACPI


yes I have just tested the HDD install I let it boot into clover using USB then just click the HDD with -v

holding 1 doesn't work to bring up the other boot installer


same again


gets to the screen saying "missing Bluetooth controller transport!" but from the HDD it doesn't go any further just reboots back into clover


do I need to delete graphic kexts using transmac in  windows?

is that why the installation is failing at the end then? because my motherboard isn't UEFI?

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It is possible that there isn't changing the bootloader ... try pressing 1 while a cursor is blinking ...

But you can boot the Chameleon, is not it? But it is not just restart?
Try booting with UseKernelCache=Yes

You only have to add or delete kext if you can not get the installation, but you can only installation failure... so isn't necessary delete or add nothing.
Try to install again and boot even if the message failed installation ...

You have the option to choose UEFI? If not, is because your mobo isn't UEFI, like my mobo.
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Deleted all graphics apart from intel3000 ones and this is what I get

Sits on this screen for 10 mins

Eventually brings up setup screen but can't move the curser

Touchpad doesn't work

USB mouse doesn't work


Keyboard caps lock light works when pressed

Nope on boot up pressing 1 doesn't do anything just boots into clover

The above images are booting up after installation failed only when I delete graphics kexts


But curser doesn't move touchpad or mouse won't work



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Has it's loading now with the 2 added lines usbfix etc I notice this on screen


But still won't move?


Not looking like this install is gonna happen am I best trying a different install type?

10.8 or 10.7 instead of this 10.8.5


Or different method?


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I don't  think another version of OS would make a difference ... your CPU is supported and your graphics too ...

But making a hack laptop is quite complicated so ... we'll test another OS version.

Don't forget to disable the dedicated graphics(Nvidia)in the Bios.
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Modify Bios brings many problems to the user ... mainly power management proeblems

Has this issue on Windows ... i had never stopped to think about this, but I believe it won't be proeblems because optmus technology(switching between the graphics)is supported in Windows then I believe that Windows will use both the HD3000 as Nvidia, but in a hack  optimus technology isn't supported, so it can only use one GPU.
Because this you need disable Nvidia GPU in Bios.

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windows works fine between the both


before coming on here ive tried to install iatkos l2 and ml2 because I have noticed someone on there as installed using both his graphics card but he as i7 cpu in his so the dsdt files aren't correct for mine

that all installed fine but could never get it booted afterwards

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Install the 10.8 to USB booted and brings up chameleon -v on boot but getting still waiting for root device


Tried npci=0x2000


Still the same

Tried a different USB port and it's not coming up with waiting on root now


Booted with just -v npci=0x2000 but it just hangs at this point

Right gone into bios and changed my graphics to IGD assuming that's the intel 3000


And just boot with -v straight into Mac OS X installing fingers crossed should install fine!


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