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Is there any ways to restore lost partitions?

Andrej Soroj

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After incorrect manipulation with the disk, my GUID partition tables has been rewritten and part of my volumes is not present in GPT is there any ways to restore them back ?


how I've broken GPT:

I had disk with GUID partition table with the next partitions:

  1. EFI
  2. HSF+
  3. NTFS – for windows
  4. HFS+
  5. HFS+
  6. HFS+
  7. HFS+
  8. Unallocated

Some time ago I need to create NTFS partition from unallocated space at the end. I've used "Partition manager 12" in windows to create NTFS partition, but it operation fails and "Partition manager 12" became to show my disk as MBR disk with next partitions:

  1. HSF+
  2. NTFS – for windows
  3. HFS+
  4. HFS+
  5. Unallocated

i.e. first 4 without EFI. Then I tried to convert disk back to GPT, It's completed ok but I've got only 4 partitions.


After that I've trying some software on mac to find my lost partitions. One of them – "Nice to Recover data for Mac" found 3 lost(HFS+) partitions and suggest to restore files from them. But I want to restore whole partition because Now I can't create new partitions, if I do that it overrides lost partitions and I lost all data from them.


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I recently recovered a windows partition in Ubuntu using Testdisk http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man1/testdisk.1.html


Which reputedly has HFS+ support too.

If you don't have an ubuntu partition you can probably run it from a live cd.


I have to say though – you may well need to recover data to another disk rather than expecting to fix this one.


Also: you should have a backup!!!

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