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Big performance problem with maverick please help


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Hi guys

Hope can help me


I have some big troubles with my hackintosh, the computer doesn't respond it's freeze for seconds and i can't find the reason.

I use this computer for 3 things

Download files with utorrent (torrent stable version 1.8.4 (29971))

Convert movies with handbreak version 0.9.9 x86_64 (2013051800)

And organize and stream movies on local network with Plex (lester version of Plex Media Server for 64bits)


This computer have 6 HDD

2 of 3 TB

3 of 2 TB

1 of 1 TB (all HDD al green technology )

The case is an NZXT H2 Classic

The power supply 650 Wats

No DVD/Blu-ray

Video ATI radeon HD 6xxx 1024MB



All SATA , and all with GUID Partition Table, the motherboard is an GA-EP43T-UD3L with 6 SATA ports

i use this computer since OS 10.7 with the same function, and now i have this troubles, especially with Handbrake


I don't have enabled any power save option.

The monitor is power off all the time i use screen sharing from the imac to use this computer

I don't have windows PC sharing the network


Can you help me ????

Any ideas ????

Thanks in advance


I don't have much software installed on this mac , the rest of the software is:

Logmein (for remote management lasted version)

Aperture, lasted version, this program is just for plex to allow plex to read a aperture library about 3 GB (i don't use aperture in this mac)

VLC, lasted 64bits version

subbler for metada download lasted version

for browser i use SAFARI because i found several's problem with chrome so i decided to back to the basic.

I remove the antivirus to test the CPU usage

and appcleaner (free) to remove software, thats all


In the finder i remove the preview option for files


I have this KText i don't now if are ok


  • AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext
  • AHCI_Extended_Injector.kext
  • AHCIPortInjector.kext
  • IOAHCIFamily.kext


I have also a ATA drive, just for temp files , this drive will be replace in a few days


I don't use mail on this computer


I experience a real slow performance if i saw a video with VLC from my iMac (the connection is wired no WIFI)


I don't now if the ktext for 



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hi,is your hackintosh is very slow or hang in open apps or others. Go to active monitor to check what apps running & take most cup,ram...etc.sometimes its because of HDD or power management  problems.you can try soft like ccleaner or Mac keeper or rebuild cache...


one more thing is your QE/CI working.try boot flag -v see what happened.............  

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Thanks deadman

I just try this, with onyx i did a complete scan, check and repair the boot disk, clean all cache, even disable spotlight (i don't really need this) , i did all the scripts.

And as say before i just have a few apps and i keep this set of apps for a long time. think in this mac like a kind of server, just for movies, i don't use this computer for anything else.

I was able to perform this task (download , convert, stream) with the same hardware and all the doers previous version of OSX


I don't use power management i don't save energy on this mac, never goes to sleep 


Thanks for your help

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