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MadShaders – set of OpenGL benchmarks from geeks3D

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Nice, diversified set of OpenGL benches. For those bored with Furmark and GiMark.



Compared 10.8.5 vs 10.9.2 results (Mac Pro 5,1, 3.2 Quad), and new Mavericks drivers show performance improvements in some areas, and a little drop in other.


For reference my 7870XT @1200/6500 MHz and 225W TDP.

Default resolution - 1024x640 windowed. Results in fps ofc.

	              10.8.5		10.9.2
Hot shower	          97		    86
Generators redux   0 - crash		   139
Relentless	         448		   547
Balls and occlusion	 171		   195
Basic fractal	        1454		  1289


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blacksheep, Thank you!

I compared performance of my card in Opensuse with OS X 10.9.1


Video - GTX Titan (GK110-A1) oced @ 1137Mhz with unlocked powerlimit

Os #1 - Opensuse 12.3 "Dartmouth", Nvidia driver v.331.38

Os #2 - OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) "Mavericks", Nvidia driver v.310.40.05F01

Resolution in both oses - 1024x640 windowed. Results in fps.

Opensuse-12.3 OS X 10.9.1
Hot shower 148 144
Generators redux 258 253
Relentless 1129 777
Balls and occlusion 395 390
Basic fractal 5301 1257


post-21904-0-05317300-1390088106_thumb.png post-21904-0-88002300-1390088222_thumb.png

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