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10.9 on Asus P5k Premium WiFi AP - Reboots at " Starting darwin..."


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Need help on this one, my brain is on overload. Searched and tried a bunch of stuff that did not work :(


Asus P5K Premium WiFi AP


AMD HD6870 


My install disk works because I was abel to install it on my laptop. 

I also use my laptop to install it to an external hd and shoved it in my tower but it also reboots at the "Starting darwin" 


Any help will be appreciated. 


I have both MyHack and a manual USB 10.9 install.

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Pandora wil not start up. It just likesto bounce in the dock.

It started up in my other Hackintosh. 


Got the Pandora install done and it still reboots at "Starting darwin"  :(


Got further with Pandora. Now I'm stuck at "Added 2 SSDT table(s) into XSDT"a 

Cool ... I just let it go and now I got a kernel panic.

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I did a Clear CMOS on my board then reconfigured the strict minimum and it booted up. 

Back to basics is all that was needed.  Still pisses me off because I will have to test every single option since I OC my cpu. 

Ill post back once I find the caused.

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